A little fun with comics

There is a Belgium -French series of comics I very much like; it’s called Blueberry and features the adventures of a lieutenant after the civil war in the US. Born as a rebel, our cowboy always comes in troubles, sometimes due to his friendships with Indian tribes or his drunk and worthless friend. I use to read it from time to time, it’s an excellent comic (not like american comics, Belgium got some very fine series in its own style.) Beautiful drawn by different illustrators, but my favourite is Giraud. Check out this site: http://www.blueberry-lesite.com/blueberry.htm

I added some very nice cover-artwork here, and some fun images from in the stories. I removed the original text, and made some funny comment over it. See last image for my little joke.

If you feel like doing the same, copy the image, add your text and post it here again.


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  1. SAPE says:

    I know one more western comic: Jonah Hex.
    It is a western-fantasy story. Some years ago a movie hes made based on the story.


  2. Wiskey says:

    Yes Zapata, Blueberry has also been translated into Finnish, I have read the Lucky Luke comics smaller. I also have some Tex Willer a western themed comics are also familiar in Finland.

  3. Biondo says:

    Zapa, I wanted to go to a bookshop today, watching for Italian versions of Moebius’s Blueberry, but couldn’t find the time. Maybe tomorrow.

  4. ZaPaTa says:

    Wiskey, you read them in Suomi? If so, they also might be translated in Italian and Biondo can look for them. I don’t know of any translation except Dutch

  5. Wiskey says:

    I will do that for registration as soon as possible, before I could do it when I did not know how to do it but maybe now succeeds

  6. Biondo says:

    🙂 I’m glad I helped you, Wiskey.

    Don’t forget to register in BallerBude: when you are playing type “\register” in console. This a rule Lame clan has. Its players have to register in BB.

  7. Wiskey says:

    I also read a witch Blueberry comics when I was a young boy. Of interest, I got the western movies and games.

    Thank you for your tip Biondo, my English is much better.

  8. Biondo says:

    Yes! It’s a good idea.

  9. JesseJames says:

    There are a lot of cowboy comics in Belgium/Europe. Maybe we can write a page of it with the most common Cowboy comics? ZaPaTa and I are in a great comiclibrary with more than 10000 comics.

  10. Mope says:

    I learned about those series even at academy! They are really classic and famous! Belgium has a great history of comics-art.

  11. JesseJames says:

    Haha great that so many people knows the Belgians comics, great.
    Tomorrow I will write some responses. 🙂

  12. Biondo says:

    Thank you, Zapa!

  13. ZaPaTa says:

    Ha, nice to find some reaction here, lots of things to answer.
    Biondo, the font you find here: http://www.dafont.com/masked-marvel.font
    I searched a long time, way back, for nice comic fonts, I often have to use. the masked marvel comes in a nice variety and has a nice spacing between characters (rare!) :D.
    Yes, Giraud and Moebius are the same, see wiki here:
    probably one of my favorite artists… his work changed a lot, I realy liked his rough and brutal way of almost sketching things.

    Yes @Spi, it influenced me off course too, reading a lot of comics made me draw more and imitate them. Finally I did studies for illustration. You name some great comics there.
    I always find it curious how these things are so well known in the world, while in Belgium most people don’t know them 😀

    • ZaPaTa says:

      @spi, tuniques bleus is indeed a nice series too. They tell the adventure of two soldiers in civil war (though the series was originally settled in the war against Indians). Fun thing about this series is, that the editors always ad an historical sketch by from different collection (so not drawn by the illustrator of the series).
      I uploaded a very nice one. copy paste the URL to get it in its real size…


      @Biondo, strangely enough, for comics about the Far West you should take a look in French and Dutch comics, not american…I don’t know about translated editions of these works, but maybe they do exist.

  14. @spi says:

    i love comix, i grow up with this culture !
    belgium/french comic artists influenze my live, and they are the best … never reached ! i laught so much about franquins gaston lagaffe (my persononal favorite, i also love masu, sipro and fantasio) i was fascinated by herges tintin or this anti heroe john difool designed by giroud.
    Les Tuniques Bleues german title is “die blauen boys” is also a funny series located in the old western world

  15. Biondo says:

    I’ve been away for the whole day, and it’s a nice surprise to see that this site is so productive (Rems asking for help in his first post … I need time and more informations to try an answer, Zapata posting comics, Mope with his scary story about the poor girl at Barcelona Aquarium).

    Zapata, I know that you’re a comics expert (probably you scanned the images by yourself??), unfortunately I’m not.

    I bought some Tex albums — http://www.sergiobonellieditore.it/auto/cpers_index?pers=tex — one month ago just to see if I could like them. Tex is a western classic in Italy, but I don’t like it (though the graphics are drawn from different artists and some of them are good).
    Giraud, also known as Moebius, right?, seems to have drawn much better and more modern western, I’ll search if I can find them here.

    Just the cover for “Dust” is remarkable enough (sort of a masterpiece).

    Nice your joke, and your idea to ask us to insert some text. Very nice! I’m too tired tonight but maybe tomorrow…

    Just a curiosity: which font did you use for text?

  16. ZaPaTa says:

    Lovely…Not an excuse…Lol
    Fun fact, initials of Blueberry are BB…recognize them? 😉

  17. SAPE says:

    Nice page Zap!! 😀
    I hope You will make much more writing on the site. Your style give new color for the side.

    Some text to the BBex4 picture:
    Teacher: SG 1.1b4 does not work?? This is not an excuse! Have you asked anybody?? Have you asked anyone to help??
    The cowboy in brown suit : Non. Non madame. Je suis désolé.

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