Big guns…

I think, smoking guns need a big gun.

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4 Responses to “Big guns…”

  1. SAPE says:

    Big gun not bad idea, but if there is a big gun in the game, for example a cannon, we will need bigger map, like backwater, or more bigger.

  2. JesseJames says:

    Good idea to have a big gun,but we have a gatling . 😉

  3. JippiJaYeah says:

    Nice, thx! 😉

    Btw, did i told, that i saw John Wayne at Old Tucon/Arizona/USA,
    maybe 20 years ago. Ok, it was his brother, but he looks like the real John Wayne.

  4. SAPE says:

    Jippi, I think, smokin’ guns has some big guns, LAME clan has a big gun. 😉
    This morning I heard an old western soundtrack. Is it tell of you? 🙂

    “He’s the guy who’s the talk of the town with the restless gun don’t shoot broad out to fool him around keeps the varmints on the run, boy keeps the varmints on the run You may think he’s a sleepy tired guy always takes his time sure I know you’ll be changing your mind when you’ve seen him use a gun, boy when you’ve seen him use a gun He’s the top of the West always cool, he’s the best he keeps alive with his colt 45.”

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