Biondo’s Inferno

Smokin’ Guns gunslingers, how many sorts of annoying and unfair players have you met in your career? Probably many. And how would you like to punish them if you had the opportunity?

Biondo — compatriot of Dante Alighieri — tries to summarize his experience in this “Smokin’ Guns Hell” scheme.

(Click on image to download full graphics).

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12 Responses to “Biondo’s Inferno”

  1. ZaPaTa says:

    wow, heavy talk.
    In case one wonders, I’m not an atheist, more of a humanist and an apophatic agnostic. Taking thinks partly from rastafarianism and buddhism. I’m dealing a lot with philosophy too.
    well Mope, I never really thought there were atheists in Israel. I didn’t asked you before because I was afraid to ask.
    I also didn’t know of the Bahai in Israel…Is it firm there? I’m interested in it, read a bit of it before.

  2. JesseJames says:

    Oh I forgot that Bart, I will look for that so fast as possible.
    But I go on vacation that week so for me it’s impossible to play. But my teammates will maybe play. I will aske it to them

  3. -=BB=-Bart says:

    Hello *LAME* Clan.

    Now you have 8 members, isn’t it able that you will have a team with 4 guys?
    I can write in 1 team with all members you have also. No problem.
    And congratulation for the new guys. 🙂


  4. SAPE says:

    Grat work Biondo. And very insructive too. There are some typical SG players, like Dynamit Maniacs, like Ugly.
    But after I read it, I make some self-examination. I think, these fault are parts of our personality.
    I play straight, I think, and you, my clan mates are play straight too.
    But sometimes I have a bad day, or something, or somebody(in SG usually an mexican with some dyna in his hand 🙂 ) annoy me. I think you know this feeling. 9 times of 10, I log out this server, and go back later or find an other server to play. But when I go mad, I stay there, and play angry, and a shoot him when he reborn or writeing….
    What is your opinion about it?
    Is there good (white), bad (black) personality, or just lightgrey, and darkgrey?

    Nice work Biondo. Thanx.

    • Biondo says:

      Of course nobody is perfect! Talking about the “dynamite man” that everybody love 😉 … it happened to me to insult him. In the same way sometimes I killed somebody chatting or just respawned. This is normal, I think.

      What is depicted in graphics are abstract categories or players obsessively devoted to a particular kind of unfair/annoying game. I think that the most part of SG players (and particularly those in BallerBude) are nice players to meet.

  5. Mope says:

    Oh, Biondo, sorry. There were no intentions to make fun of religion. I live inside 3-religions society (not including Bahaism), where people are very vulnerable to every innocent comment about faith. So maybe, as an atheist, I’ve became too cynical in this matter. Please, forget this clumsy phrase, I promise to be more delicate next time (in all religion-related discussions).

    • Biondo says:

      No no 🙂 I’m atheist too (or at least agnostic) … no problem. This was not the point.

  6. Biondo says:

    Eh eh, thanks for comments! OK, nobody is perfect, I know 😉
    From the point of view of an Italian, what I find strange in your comments is that all of you consider Dante’s Inferno as something related to religion/faith (“Forgive me father” … “I sin from time to time” … “Let’s pray for me”). Well, in some way it is of course (this is the plot), but it was more of a moral-and-political opera in Dante’s mind. Maybe it’s because we study “La Divina Commedia” at school, but no Italian (not even catholics) thinks of it as a sacred text.
    Sorry, don’t want to teach anything, just a talk among friends.

  7. JesseJames says:

    Lol what a graphics like usual.
    @zapata our quest to reform the sinners will be a great success 🙂
    The dyna guys are so frustrated,and that makes me so….. :).
    Oh father lets pray for me so that I become a devout man. 🙂

  8. ZaPaTa says:

    eheh very funny as usual. Loving it and I recognize every type of it. Although I sin from time to time too, mostly in a reaction to another sinner :D, especially the dynamite maniacs…Forgive me, but my flesh and skills are so weak father 🙂

  9. Mope says:

    Forgive me father Biondo, for I have sinned. I thought, I’m an honest player, but now I doubt it a lot. I’m preparing to go deep, through all the circles of Hell you described here. Great infographics, and fun, as always.

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