Bots or Humans?

There are players that don’t know how to recognize a bot from a human. Strange, because it’s easy.

Here are some simple rules for the noobs.

Bots are devoted to a peculiar religion that force them:

  • to move in weird way during their rituals
  • to meet all together in the main street of Dry Gulch, dancing and celebrating with gun shots
  • to stare for hours at closed doors in Tillian
  • to commit suicide in Coyote Bluff

Still confused? Then you need a pair of X-Ray glasses!

See also: FAQ.

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11 Responses to “Bots or Humans?”

  1. Sorry for my late posts… wasn’t around lately. Biondo, you seem to be much younger and fitter at this photo than you say you are! :D:D:D Cooool stuff, as always!

  2. JesseJames says:

    Haha great graphics and idea 🙂

  3. ZaPaTa says:

    In fact, the Bot religion demands sacrifices, by casting the innocent body into the fire. Don’t believe me? Throw a molotov, and wait for the ritual to begin!

  4. Biondo says:

    No no, wait! This cannot work well. I can do it better. Tell me only the color you want.

  5. JippiJaYeah says:

    Looks good, but i need a on a Beach T-Shirt (without arms).
    I will copy your picture and make my try.

  6. Biondo says:

    Do you really want a T-shirt? If so, get it here:

    I suggest a black t-shirt, because with other colors the image is not OK.

  7. Biondo says:

    @mope: thanks. Yes, you are right, but I didn’t find a way to express it in a fun way.

    @spi: I know you strongly desired a Baller blog. Now you have it 😉
    This is the *Lame* blog, but since it’s linked in BB page, it’ also a Baller blog.

  8. @spi says:

    your idears for the *LAME* blog are never ending …. unbeliveable

    realy funny i love this site, and always check it for funny news, makes me rofl 🙂


  9. Mope says:

    Great graphics, as always!

    Some more:

    • Bots can’t climb ladders.
    • Bots never use molotovs/dynamites.

    It’s funny to see as sometimes new players try to talk/insult the bot.

  10. JippiJaYeah says:

    OMG, i can’t stop laughing.

    Can i have it for my next Beachvolley-Shirt?

    • Biondo says:

      😀 Thank you Jippi!
      Yes, I had already in mind to design a T-shirt for SG (or for *Lame*) players.

      Not sure if this poster can fit a T-shirt design, but if you want…
      What do you need (size/resolution of the image)?

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