How can I assign a command to a particular key?

To assign a command to a particular key, open console and use the command \bind.

\bind j “buy weapon_schofield”
\bind k “buy weapon_peacemaker”
\bind F4 “say Hi!” // (will produce a chat message onscreen)

These are the names to use for weapons and other objects:

You can also put your binds in your q3config.cfg file, in this case without slash/backslash (be sure to back-up it, before editing).

bind j “buy weapon_schofield”
bind k “buy weapon_peacemaker”
bind F4 “say Hi!”

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How are BallerBude statistics (skills, ratio) determined?

TheDoctor explained them to us in these words (More on BalleBude stats):

Obviously, BB stats try to measure how good players are. However, one should keep in mind, they represent just one of many possible metrics and no metric is ever perfect. What I mean here is, it is possible for a very successful player winning almost every game to be not in the top ten, while somebody who does not win every game has a higher score.

The following values are considered by BB’s Xlrstats: skill, ratio and kills. Skill is the default ranking value.

Kills is the number of opponents a player has killed.

Ratio is calculated by dividing the kills of player by the number of deaths of the player (“kills/deaths”). A high kill ratio is an indicator for players who have been constantly performing well over their whole account life time. One can optimize ratio by playing very carefully and defensive, possibly by camping at good camping spots. The optimization strategy is obviously to survive as long as possible while killing other players. Ratio is a long-term value meaning, if you have a series of bad games, it will lower your ratio and it would take the same amount of very good games, to let ratio reach the previous value. In other words, it is possibly to ruin your ratio for a long time.

Skill, compared with ratio, is a much more dynamic value. Each player has a skill value (default 1000) and killing an opponent adds skill points while dying reduces skill points, both relative to the skill relationship between the player and it’s opponent. If you kill a more skilled player, you earn more points, while you lose more points if you are killed by a nobody. Similarly to the ratio, it helps if you don’t die often. But if you are really hell-bent on optimizing your skill points, you first have to check the skills of the other players before you would join a game. If you play against overrated (=”overskilled”) players, you will quickly earn points while you can lose many points if a good player decided to create a new account, starting with skill 1000. The skill value will react very quickly to your current level of playing, so one shouldn’t play if one is not a hundred percent focused.

Xlrstats support even more complicated metrics, e.g. one could define that a knife kill is more skilled than a sawed-off shotgun kill. Currently, these features are not used.

See also: Graph of *LAME* Clan Members’ Skills and Graph of *LAME* Clan Members’ Ratio.

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What is “ping” and how does it affect my game?

In multiplayer online video games, ping refers to the network latency between a player’s computer (client), and the game server. [Wikipedia]

Playing on-line is a non-stop dialogue between your PC and the server: the server sends to your PC the position of every player in a particular moment and your PC sends back to the server your position.
As an example, suppose that Biondo is falling down the top of the church in No-name City:
Biondo’s PC informs BallerBude server that he has left the roof and is floating in the air
BallerBude informs other players’ PCs that Biondo is not on the roof any more, he is floating in the air.
These informations need time to travel through the Net. If you have a slow Internet connection — because your network is busy downloading something, or because you are playing in a server far away from your location — you don’t get the updated information in time and mistakenly see Biondo still on the roof. You shoot him with your 2 Colts but you don’t kill him because he isn’t there any more.

Bad Internet connection = bad (high) ping. Generally a ping higher than 100 is considered a bad ping.

The effects of a bad ping look worst when you use precise weapons, while with high spread weapons (like dynamite or Sawed-Off shotguns) they are apparently less penalizing.

Some factors that might affect ping include: Internet connection speed, the quality of a user’s Internet service provider and the configuration of firewalls. Ping is also affected by geographical location.

If you want a better ping play in servers close to your location, change type of Internet connection or choose a better provider.

Some player change the values of cl_maxpackets, cl_timenudge, rate and snaps in q3config.cfg file to lower their ping (search SG Forum for this).

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Where can I get more maps?

You can get more maps upgrading your installation to the Beta version and downloading them from BallerBude FTP site.
To upgrade your SG installation, follow the directions you find in BallerBude site.

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Where can I find my configuration file?

Config files (.cfg) are text files which contain settings, scripts and binds for Smokin’Guns. SG inherited this system from his big predecessor Quake3 (see:

The one config file everyone has is q3config.cfg, located in:

* Linux: ~/.smokinguns/smokinguns/
* Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/SmokinGunssmokinguns/
* Windows: %APPDATA%\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\
[- under Windows XP it expands to \Documents and settings\username\Application data\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\
– under Windows Vista or Windows 7, it expands to \Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\]

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