Where can I find my configuration file?

Config files (.cfg) are text files which contain settings, scripts and binds for Smokin’Guns. SG inherited this system from his big predecessor Quake3 (see: http://www.quake3world.com/q3guide/configs.html).

The one config file everyone has is q3config.cfg, located in:

* Linux: ~/.smokinguns/smokinguns/
* Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/SmokinGunssmokinguns/
* Windows: %APPDATA%\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\
[- under Windows XP it expands to \Documents and settings\username\Application data\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\
– under Windows Vista or Windows 7, it expands to \Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\Smokin’ Guns\smokinguns\]

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