Hi Kids,

I would like to know of all of you your opinion about a temporary ‘holiday’ for the clan. With a lot of us on holidays, or just outdoors, I believe it’s a bit redundant to organise ‘official’ clanwars. (even with our own members). Personaly I won’t be much behind my computer, so I can’t catch up with topics or play enough to stay in good shape.

I also believe we ‘closed our doors’ last year too in the summer. So I ask your opinion about a TEMPORARY ‘cool-down’ period on the side and on our clan-evenings for the months July & August.

Who got any travelplans btw?

Cheers, Zapa

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11 Responses to “Holidays”

  1. Desconhecido says:

    Got other idea ….
    what about we create a server of lame?

  2. JesseJames says:

    Cool idea Descon let me know when and where and hope I can be with you. (hope my skills are not weak after 1 month of not playing. 🙂 )

  3. Desconhecido says:

    Im thinking to organize an unofficial match vs !»cS«! im going to talk to them .

    Next of that i post here a date of clanwar , which maps that we are going to play versus them . how we gonna play(if is 3vs 3/4vs 4 or more ) depends of players that gonna participate in that event .



  4. ZaPaTa says:

    Thanks for the understanding all. I’m building a new site, working on some new illustrations, doing a little translation and the garden is growing wild; I even have a couple chickens now…Lot’s of stuff to do coming months.

    I’ll be visiting France for two weeks, a bit of the Dordogne river-area and Burgundy with a tent. Looking forward 🙂

  5. Mope says:

    I’m totally supporting the idea of turning clanwars unofficial till the future announcement. Otherwise someone will be so kind to arrange them, that means publishing post with time and maybe maps proposal, that’s all.

  6. SAPE says:

    I will be at home mostly all summer long, so I am in the weekly unofficial matches.

  7. ZaPaTa says:

    Of course Descon & Wiskey; you’re free to organise your own matches! Make them a special clanwar, with the hottest maps 🙂
    Anyway, I’m just stating some of us (JJ and me, personally, but i think a lot more) will take a little siesta in the summersun, so I won’t be participating that much the coming to months.
    Have fun Gringos!

  8. Desconhecido says:

    I understand your opinions .
    But i would like to know others lame clan opinions about making some clanwars of fun .
    thanks for ur opinions at now : Jesse James ;
    Wiskey .

  9. JesseJames says:

    I work a month so I can’t play also much. After that a week on holiday and than examens. So next two months you will find me not on my pc ( or less).
    If you will organise a clanwar descon just do it, and i will watch if I can make some time.

    • Wiskey says:

      Maybe we can keep then ”unofficial” cw, when we don’t count points, we only play for fun, it should be open for anybody. I Think that it is good idea to relax little bit from cw, but I am not against if Desconhecido wants arrange some cw.

      That’s all.

  10. Desconhecido says:

    Hey .
    i think we could make some clanwars . as u said but i think lame clan dont do that normally . or never done before . dont know about that .
    but i think we could make in tis holidays some clanwars
    or war between or clan .
    Thats my idea.

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