Merry Xmas *LAME*

I remembered we had a vivid topic last year on Christmas. Bit early, but in Belgium we also celebrate the 24th of December a little, with family, presents and nice food.
For those who celebrate, I wish you a nice Christmas 2012, for those who don’t celebrate, I wish you a nice New Year’s eve.

santa on holiday
Since we’re with so many nationalities, It’s nice to know what you’re up to tonight/Tomorrow? How you’re celebrating in your country? Is Santa of any importance there? (In Belgium, he isn’t. We celebrate Dec. 6th, with Saint Nicolas, a Santa-like figure who brings children presents)

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  1. Barto says:

    Joyeux Noël ! (in french for the curious readers) I hope everybody here will have a nice day and Biondo will recieve his first Michelin’s star :-p

    Nice picture btw, but I don’t think it is the right time for Santa to be on the beach. We all asked a small gun under the tree. 😉

  2. SAPE says:

    Happy Xmas for all.
    I have disappeard in the last months. Starting an own business is a very difficult and complex thing (at least in the biginning), I must learn and work a lot, more than I thought. Even so I am still here, and I try to work and play more in the future, if my life will be return to normal.

    • JippiJaYeah says:

      Nice to hear that Sape that normal live begins again.
      Maybe you can tell something about you new business career.

      • SAPE says:

        Thanx Jippi!

        I will write some info about it in private part of the blog.

        • JesseJames says:

          indeed good to hear you SAPE! Hope everything gonna be alright in the bussiness?

          @Biondo Hope your food was very nice? 🙂

  3. Mope says:

    С Рождеством! (In Russian :))
    !חג מולד שמח
    Merry Christmas to all Lames!

  4. JippiJaYeah says:

    Fröhliche Weihnachten from Germany.
    Wish you all the best.

  5. Biondo says:

    Merry Christmas from Italy, nice players!

    Spent my whole day cooking for tomorrow lunch (we ‘ll be 15 persons, but I’m not the only cook luckily).

    The pic of Santa on the beach reminds me of the origin of the famous song “White Christmas”, by Irving Berlin. It seems that he wrote it after he was in California, and was missing the snow of the North.

    About St. Nicholas, it’s not celebrated in most part of Italy, but in the region where my wife was born, they were used to celebrate St. Nicholas too.

  6. Sarah says:

    Happy Christmas all

  7. Wiskey says:

    There is a tradition in Finland meet in Christmas meals with the family. in northern Europe we are in the position that we have yet reached spend a white Christmas in the cold. Now is the outside – 14 degrees.

    December 6 is the day of celebration, when we celebrate the Finnish independence.

    BTW Jesse, how you got this 10°c sign to message? Whats are keys for this?

    Happy Christmas all and a happy new year

  8. Desconhecido says:

    I wish u a merry christmas enjoy ur christmas day , in rela life or in SG :P.
    Hope u enjoy it like a *LAME* :).

  9. JesseJames says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!
    Hope you will have a lot of fun this year in SG, in personal live, a lot of happiness and a good health.

    Btw is there in your country’s a white christmas this year? In Belgium it’s now 10°c that is very hot for the time of the year!

  10. TheBishop says:

    I would like to join your greetings Zapata and wish Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to all who celebrate today: for those whom this day isn’t a festive I wish peace and happiness on this and every day of their life, a common goal for all of us, regardless of religion, culture or ethnicity.

    It seems like Belgium and Hungary have something in common when it comes to celebrating Christmas: just like at you, the 6th of December is the festive of Saint Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, and on Cristmas eve, the small Jesus comes to catholic and an Angel comes to protestant children bringing them gifts. The 24th of December is the main festive day for the smaller family, we have a lunch together and we give presents to each other. In bigger families in the following days relatives visit each other and express their good wishes.

    • ZaPaTa says:

      Amazing Bishop, In fact it’s pretty logic their are other places who celebrate on dec.6th for Saint Nicolas if you think about it, yet I always thought it was something pretty local in Belgium and The Netherlands.
      Never knew Hungary knows that tradition too. Thinking about it, Orthodoxy is known for the devotion of its many saints, so probably they know that tradition too.

      • TheBishop says:

        Funny thing is I thought the same about it being a local custom in the region 🙂 I think St. Nicholas is also an important and popular folk Saint among catholic slovak people, there are many towns, villages and churches named after him. About Eastern Orthodoxy you must be right, a brief search brought me several pictures of beautiful icons.BTW, do you in Belgium know about the “Krampusz” (Krampen/Krampeln)? It’s a devil-like creature accompanying the Bishop, punishing bad children with whips 🙂

        • ZaPaTa says:

          Hey Bishop, I just recently heard that tale. In Belgium they aren’t Devil-like creatures. His ‘staff’ consists more of black ‘slaves’. There is recently some discussion about his crew. It is said they punish bad children by putting them in a sack. But most parents think this is a bit rash to tell to young children. Also most people think because the’re black AND his ‘slaves’ for a bit, this is some wrong thinking out of neocolonialism times that still lives on.
          BUt now I know they’re not black because they are black slaves, but because of hell-fire 😉 No neocolonial issues there 🙂
          Well, it’s all just colourful folklore!

          • TheBishop says:

            Oh, an interesting and indeed colorful custom there, never heard about it before, thx for sharing Zapa. I’m sure about that saints and slaveholders doesn’t have much in common, so the controversy is a bit funny:) (and a bit sad).

  11. ZaPaTa says:

    The pic is Santa on the beach in his chair, in case you didn’t recognize him. here’s the link:

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