More slots available in Terra Nova

As you probably already seen, @spi expanded the number of slots available in Terra Nova ( From 8 to 12. This is what we asked him, to allow more people joining our Thursdays’ Clan Deathmatches (you know… SNH and @aspi often joined, and Donut had wished, but wasn’t able to). Due to summer holidays, Clan deathmatches are suspended now, they’ll be back in September.

Thank you very much @spi!

I’d like to see more clan members in Terra Nova during the whole week.  TN maps are great fun for old bone collectors as we are.

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6 Responses to “More slots available in Terra Nova”

  1. ZaPaTa says:

    Back from holidays too. Nice news to read. Welcome back all!

  2. JesseJames says:

    Hah i’am back from 2 weeks on Holiday. And I missed the lameclan so 🙂 and BB. Nice graphics Biondo.
    HAha september is nearby 🙂 so now I will train a lot so I become good in the clanmatches :).
    And everybody is welcome!

  3. -=BB=-Bart says:

    I wish to play with you also 😉 Maybe BB and Lame can play together sometimes.

  4. SAPE says:

    Thanx @spi! I hope you join every clan match in the future.

  5. hehe, nice. if i’ve got time, i’ll connect, too 🙂

  6. @spi says:

    np, you are welcome m8

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