Call to Arms


Howdy Brothers and Sister!

One of our friend left the *LAME* clan. It is a heart-broken moment. I want to ask something to you:

LAMEs, next Thursday I will waiting for you in BB. Come as early time, as possible (I will be there at 18:00-19:00, and I want to stay at midnight), and stay as lately time as possible, so play as much as possible. I will be there. I want to dedicated it to Biondo.

Legends never die.

CALL TO ARMS my friends!

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Goodbye, nice clan

I don’t find the right words to thank you all, personally one by one. So …

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It’s Thursday!

Hey all

Today is the day that we pull the trigger in Terra Nova. @20u30

I hope that we meet each other there!

If you will have a map, just choose!

BTW:  I have a new idea for next week, if you agree with me. Maybe we can play once in Special Bude (rounds of 5 minutes with one weapon.) So maybe we can play then 4 rounds or something. It looks very funny.


Jesse James

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Thursday’s LameClan Massacre Results

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I need need your help for school!

Hey all members of the internet,

I organise for school a multicultural ‘party’ and for the poster we taught for a sentence that we translate in many languages.

The sentence is: We are their for each other. So I need your languages (Hungarian, Deutschs, Finnish, Italian,…)

PS: no bullshit , because I don’t know  your languages very well 🙂
Thanks guys/girls

Jesse James

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