A proposal: A Thursday Deathmach with SG 1.1b5

A Thursday Deathmach played in SG 1.1b5 would help debugging the new beta.

If you haven’t installed it yet, here is the link.
The installation is very easy since it’s a full SG release, not only an update as it was for SG 1.1b4. Just download it, unzip it and run the right executable (in Windows it’s smokinguns.exe).

Terra Nova is now compatible with the Beta 5. TheDoctor has activated 3 new maps in TN, and posted a nice table with all maps details in SG forum. The first time you’ll connect to TN with Beta 5 you’ll have to download a lot of bites, but probably after 5-10 minutes you’ll have all the necessary things in place. Don’t forget to allow Auto download and to backup your q3config.cfg.

Since today is Tuesday, maybe we’ll have enough time to install and test everything and to propose the maps we’d like to play on Thursday evening.

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It’s thursday!

Now spring is in the air (in Belgium), I have a lot of power in me, so be prepared. 🙂
Don’t forget to play with me  in Terra Nova.

Same hour like always 20h30, in Terra Nova.
choose your maps and post it.

see you this evening guys/girls

PS: no special rules for this evening

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A reminder: Thursday’s clan deathmatch

Just a reminder about Thursday’s clan deathmatch. Please vote for maps in comments.
(BTW, not sure I’ll be able to play tonight).

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Jean Giraud passed away, age 74

Jean Giraud, father of lieutenant Blueberry, passed away, age 74 (Wikipedia, Bleeding cool, Libération).

Have a nice time, Moebius. You’ve been a fantastic artist.

[See A little fun with comics, by ZaPaTa]

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SG on Linux

Hi All,

Anyone using Linux to run SG? I know Biondo does.
I’ll try running SG on my other, damaged Vista-computer (vista damaged my Nvidia driver,NVidia nvlddmkm. Google it, you will see Nvidia ignores people with that problem. The bug is up and running for more then two years, and not Vista and not Nvidia did anything to help the problem. There is still no solution so far…) So I try running it in Linux, since i tested the graphic card there and it works properly.

I’ll run it from an Ubuntu USB-stick (you can run Linux from a stick, instead of installing it over Windows. Now I open my brand new SG-folder I’ve just downloaded. I’ll try to run it in Ubuntu but nothing happens. I think I have to open the .x86 file, but with what? I believe there is no  program assigned to open a .x86 file…Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!

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