SG video, featuring *LAME* Clan

Hehe, found this introduction to Smokin’ Guns gameplay in YouTube. The fun thing is that it was recorded during a *LAME* Thursday in Terra Nova. Video by meldrian aka holarse of Holarse — Spielen unter Linux.
The second part is recorded in Circus Maximus.

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A little post on small facts

Howdy clan,
I know I’m not the main blog-contributor, and I often feel sorry about it. I’m not digging deep as Biondo or Jippie do in the config, or in the West history as SAPE and Grey do… But from time to time there is a small fact I think that might be interesting to share. So here’s a post with facts between my 2 loves; Reggae music and Western movies.

These two worlds seems to be totally different, right? Yet there is a nice connection to tell (well, I believe it’s interesting). The story goes like this:

Reggae music is a blend of different music-influences in Jamaica. Rythm and Blues was big in the ’50 so local musicians tried to make music like that. Only with the independence of JA, the music started to sound like the Reggae sound we know today. So typically about Reggae is that it’s the music of the people, for the people. Own produced and played for the ‘real’ people in the streets. In first instance, Reggae didn’t get ant airplay on the radios, so local producers started playing their music loud on their own ‘sound system’. This kept the music always very close with every day live; and also the producers and singers weren’t hollywood stars but real people that sang about everyday live: poverty, misery, violence but also about love, hope, education or even religion.

Of course, like any nation, also the Jamaican people dreamed of a different live. When Reggae was big on the isle, in the early and mid ’70, big hollywood productions started to infiltrate the local cinemas  and so, every day live.
Producers were very creative and competitive to create their own sound, their own inventions and thus being the champion sound. First, they invented the ‘Dub’ or ‘Dubplate’. This is a reggae single but without the vocal-line and and effects like reverb added on the track. This created a familiar sound of the original single but gave the producers the chance to show off their engineer skills. (their are and were no copyright laws in Jamaica so producers just copied and changed the songs a bit 😉 But now second invention: lyrics could be changed so they were more based on the actual happenings of that week or even day; but how do you make a dub (without the vocals) something ‘actual’, something ‘brand new’. The solution was simple for the Jamaicans. Just call the song or the album to something ‘cool’ and ‘brand new’. So producers started adopting film titles and changed them, or they just referred to their favourite themes, actors, storylines and so on. First westerns, later Kung Fu and Sci-fi.

Enough chat, time for some examples.
Classic title is a Lee Perry album: ‘Kung Fu meets the dragon’, a reference to kung fu movies hitting the island:

You might notice some albums used some samples (very new then!) but not always. Some tracks were just a reference to a title, nothing more.
Another example?  A dub by Scientist is funny called ‘Beam me up Dubby’ a reference to Star Trek’s ‘Beam me up Scotty’
Or more Scientist: ‘‘ the album ‘Prince Jammy and Scientist strikes back’. All titles are references to Star Wars movies:. My favourite title: track 10: “C-3PO + R2-D2 = The Force ” (notice also the cool artwork of all Scientist albums)
Even more:  A Sly and Robbie album ‘ Raiders of the lost dub’. Of course album title, song titles and artwork of the cover are all references to Indiana Jones.

Of course, the Italian Western movies were influential too. Recently some vinyl labels reissued some older work, and I noticed they got some references to Western movies! Guess my surprise:
Here they are:
High Plains drifter by Lee Perry & The upsetters, with titles like ‘The Man with no Name’ and High Plains drifter, a reference to a ’73 movie with Clint Eastwood! (
Second release is a new one. Theses references are still used today:
Prince Fatty and Mutant HiFi, ‘Return of the Gringo’ (, with titles like ‘the good, the vlad and the ugly’) :
Put simply, it is a surf/ska/spaghetti western soundtrack album for a film that is yet to be made. Think Dick Dale jamming with the Skatalites with Morricone at the helm, including appearances from Alessandro Alessandroni (the original spaghetti western whistler) and you’re in the right section at the record store, although it is possibly a very small section. “



Short: great music! Will be in my next shopping list.
You might have noticed, my examples are most of the time just references, but in some rare case, like ‘the return of the gringo’, reggae music gets blended with western soundtracks. And then, it gets exciting.’  Old example; early rocksteady: Jesse James rides again: (song starts after 14seconds, mark the sound of bullets!)

But lets get up to date: This one is the last example, one of my favourites. Mark how great the Western soundtrack blends in with the heavy bass and strong rhythm.Vibronics ‘Fistful of Dub’ (of course, another reference.)


That’s all folks, hope you enjoyed it, and have fun exploring my universe!

Cheers, Zap

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“*LAME* clan for example”

I have to share with you what Joe Kari said of our clan in SG forum. Joe Kari? … you know, that man behind the best SG map ever: Alamo!

“That being said, everything is not so dark.

There are some new faces that do a great job. Baller Bude team (*LAME* clan for example) are really good guys, even when you pop up with an unknown nickname (like I do all the time). Few gunfight with you guys (and girls, Sarah is really challenging ;)) remembered me the good old time: nice skillz but just for fun.”

[Full Kari’s post is here:]

Thank you very much, Joe!

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Jesse’s nightmare

As Wiskey asked to play 1/2 hour before our usual time, starting from this Thursday our weekly clan deathmatch will start at 20:30 CET (21:30 in Israel and Finland) instead of 21:00.

All clan members agreed to change the start time, and in particular JesseJames who wants to watch a football match on TV at 21:00. Hmm … for me two different games in an evening is too much. Jesse, you’ll probably end up dreaming something like this, when you’ll go to sleep:

A Specs-are-Flies production, by Biondo.
3D intro: Subject Name Here aka SNH.
Sounds: ERH, HerbertBoland, olive-yeah, prototipado, Pablo-F (
Made in: Blender, Cinelerra CV, Inkscape.

Please vote for servers/gametype/maps for next Thursday clan deathmatch.

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Server downtime

@spi informs us about a planned power maintenance in the building that hosts the server for BallerBude, SpecialBude and Terra Nova on Friday 24 February 2012, from 16:00 till 18:00. For around 2 hours those SG servers will be unreachable.

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