Ugly Thursday

I have an indecent proposal for our Thursday clan deathmatch of tonight: a game in TheUgly style. That exactly means “dyna only”, not “insults only”. 😉

The reason behind this is that I want to obtain a client crash in Terra Nova to debug SG beta’s random crashes.

Since it seems that crashes occur more frequently in crowded games, I tried adding a lot of bots to the map, but without being able to produce a crash. I’m starting to think that crashes occurs in crowded games, but only when someone is using dynamite. This is plausible since dynamite had a similar bug in past times.

I think you understand my proposal now: I need many players, using dyna. Possibly in a not so big map (Tijuana should fit very well the purpose).

Do yo agree to help me in crashing my client?

The second game of the deathmatch might be another Winnies’ fight in Greenhill Lake, or something totally different in another map.

In the meanwhile have fun with this 2 minutes short … “Ugly Thursday”!

Music by: Kevin MacLeod (

Sounds by: Benboncan, Erdie, Nikolino, Robinhood76, Syna-Max, davidou, fonogeno, joedeshon, juskiddink, klankbeeld, schademans, shawshank73, simon.rue, (

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Update on Greenhill Lake carnage

If you thought that what happened at Greenhill Lake on Thursday wasn’t strange enough, surely you will be shocked to hear the latest news about it.
The tenth man is not missing any more. The Police’s helicopters have discovered him, swimming over the trees, in a catatonic state.
He was found to be the one named Biondo. Questioned by the Police a few hours after the finding, Biondo claimed that, while in the middle of shooting, he was captured by The Big Wave, and instead of surfing he erroneously started to swim. He added that he wasn’t able to reach the ground again until the moment when he was rescued by the policemen, three days later.
Biondo will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, county court has ruled. The need for an evaluation has been triggered by widespread criticism of his story.

Here is an excerpt from the Police’s video footage taken from an helicopter.

Credits: SG News Broadcasting.

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Best Terra Nova map

After having played our weekly deathmatches in Terra Nova for more than 8 months, it’s time to summarize which maps the clan enjoyed more. Not all matches were well documented, but 90% of them were. So, this is the chart for 45 games played, and the winner is … Tijuana, with a total of 16 games!

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A hunting trip gone awry

Nobody exactly knows what happened at Greenhill Lake on Thursday, but sure it’s the most bloodcurdling event in the history of the county.
Nine men have lost their lives in the carnage, while the police is still searching for a missing one. Friends of the victims report that the group went to the lake for a hunting trip, as they were used to do on every Thursday since long time. Nobody could have expected such a tragic end.

[Click on image for full size].

The Police is at work at the crime scene collecting traces and clues that might explain what happened. For what transpires until now, it seems that –probably under the effects of rivers of Whiskey– a discussion among the ten friends had degenerated into insults. Someone said “Lame!”, someone else replied in the same tone, another one (probably the one known as Jippi), extracted his knife and started aiming at the pardners. In a flash, all the men pointed their Winchesters one against each other and after few minutes of hell, a deadly silence retook possession of Greenhill Lake again.

The scene that appears to our eyes is disheartening. Corpses lying on the ground here and there, under the trees, over the turret, inside, around, and even over the roof of the house. But the most striking thing of all is the colour of the lake: red! Red of blood.

🙂 Hehe, just to say: it’s Thursday! Propose your map/server/game here.

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Just you and your Lolchester!

I’m glad to inform you that, thanks to TheDoctor, on Terra Nova, the Winchester 1866 Rifle is now the only weapon at Greenhill Lake. 🙂

[Click on image for full size].

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