Winnie hunting in the woods

(Source. From the original illustrations of E. H. Shepard for A. A. Milne’s books of Winnie The Pooh.)

Hi mates, tomorrow is Thursday again. What do you think of a Winchester-only hunting in the woods of Lake? As ZaPaTa says “winnie” has a great sound! And Lake has lot of money points, so also when you respawn with only $20.00 you have an opportunity to find $5.00 and buy a Winchester 1866. I think it could be fun.

Every other weapon should be forbidden, knives included. To make things easier, it could be a TDM, so your pardners can protect you until you find some dollars. And since in Terra Nova there is no red cross, we can choose to wear different models, Union soldiers against Indians.

Would you want to try for one game?

OK, meet there at 21:00 (22:00 for Israel and Finland, I suppose).

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Today, 30 January 2012, after 7 years of honoured service RAWHIDE will be put to sleep. You’ll find all details in SG forum.

[Source of original image: Westerns | The Movie title stills collection]

Probably *LAME* clan members haven’t played there many times, because of our bad ping, but for players from the americas, it has been a landmark along all these years. Some of us had a fun last game there yesterday night, with a bad ping and strong lags. As Mope said, we looked as small parasites on the back of a dying giant creature.

R.I.P RAWHIDE. Maybe someday you’ll resurge from your ashes.

Thanks to ReD NeCKersoN, The Hoss, Pardner, and all administrators for the dedication and the resources they had put on it.

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An interview with ZaPaTa

Under our “Members” page you can find a new interview to one of us: ZaPaTa.

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Announcement: *LAME*’s Birthdayparty

Howdy Gringo’s.
*LAME*clan excists on friday 27 of January 1 year!
We, *LAME¨, would like to celebrate it by uniting a lot of clans in Baller Bude server, to play Smokin’ Guns with us and against each other. We hope to welcome you too! Some LAME’ers will be there kicking off at 6pm but LAME will play frequently during the whole evening. Hope to meet a lot of there!



(@*LAME*’ers: spread this message, I didn’t find the time to get trough the whole list of the SG War Forum…
I did NOX and XOP and the SG forum so far…Jesse did there facebook.)

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Lame exist since one year!


Tomorrow it’s so far, Lameclan exist 365 days or 1 year, what a special date.

I remember me the date that ZaPaTa and I started the clan. I came home from school and ZaPaTa said I started a clan in SG. 🙂 He made a site and it looked beautiful. But then we realised that a clan with 2 players it’s not a real clan. So we started the recruitment, and made rules. But in the beginning nobody would like to join us. And then their was a strange guy named Mike, a Russian boy that didn’t play much and he wasn’t good but we were happy to have a player. 🙂 Than their was a clanmatch between WR and us, we were with 2 and Mike and they were with 6 really good guys and we lost the game. 🙂 We were really bad.
But than came Biondo and everything changed, a new site was born, with a forum and Jabber. Our first Deadmatches on Thursday,… After the joining of Biondo many players came with us. SAPE, GREYMAN, Jippi, (Rems), Mope, Wiskey, Sarah, Slowly John. And now we are one year older and wiser.

Our site is big, very nice pages,graphics, westernstory’s, very nice interviews,… Last year we had a lot of fun with each other in BB and DM in TN.
We started with playing TDM. Everyones skills were better, you can see that in the BB stats. And so we are famous and notorius in BB. ZaPaTa and I couldn’t believe that our project became so great like it’s now.

If you said that to us a year ago we taught you are mad or something. Tnx to all the members for joining us, without members no fun and no LAME.

Thanks also to @spi and The Doctor to have confidence in the clan and posted a link to our site on the Ballerbudesite.

I hope we can have an equally good year as 2011! tnx for this exiting year!

Jesse James and ZaPaTa

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