Advertising of Thursday’s Clan Deathmatch

Tonight, our weekly Clan Deathmatch.
Where: Terra Nova, and more.
What: DM, and more … TDM? BR?
When: @21:00 CET.
Vote for maps, servers, game-types in comments.

I had no time to draw something new, but I don’t want to betray the tradition of posting something visual.
So here are three glorious b/w Italian advertising from the ’60s, all set in an imaginary West (from Montana to Mexico). In my country, a whole generation of children had its evenings brightened by these shorts.

1– “Gringo” (1966 – 1972), for canned meat Montana, by Gamma Film. Stopmotion series of duels between Gringo and Black Jack, in the style of the best Spaghetti Western, with fun puns (in rhyme!) and nice titles.

2– “Carmencita” (1966 – 1973), for Paulista coffee, by Armando Testa. The famous graphic designer plays with cone-shaped characters in a series where a gunslinger has to search for his ever missing Carmencita.

3– “El Merendero” (1967), for Talmone chocolate, by Paul Campani. A series by a cartoonist, with 3 Mexican guitarists announcing to children the arrival of Merendero (the man of the candies).

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Baller’s Anatomy

Sure you know that in BallerBude statistics you can see which body parts of your opponents you hit more frequently. Just open the Hitzones tab inside your personal statistics.

There are some puzzling things in these stats. One of them is stomach’s location in the man’s model illustration. Hmm… what kind of monster has the stomach under the belly?

What I discovered recently is that, behind the body parts illustrated in the graphics, others exist not well documented.

Look at my hitzones. Don’t you notice something strange?
Among the thousands opponents I killed hitting their legs, chest, head, and so on, I’ve killed 4 players hitting them in a “Could not identify” body zone, hmm…, and 1 player (only one!) hitting him in his ass 🙂 Hehe, I’d like to know who he was.

For Jippi’s hitzones, something similar happens. But he didn’t hit the single player in the “ass”, he had hit him in his “butt”.

Really strange stats/anatomy 🙂
[Image source:]

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Another exceptional discovery from clan’s historical archives!

Jippi, when he was a child!

standard oil - Charlie Allen

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Thursday’s Fiesta!

Tomorrow we’ll have our weekly Clan Deathmatch. Everyone is well welcomed!
Where: Terra Nova, and more.
What: DM, and more … TDM? BR?
When: @21:00 CET.
Vote for maps, servers, game-types in comments.

Thursday's Fiesta!

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Have You Forgot The Weekly Clan DM?


pic via NYPL

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