Mouse problem

Hey folks,

the moment is getting near. My new computer is fully assembled and reinstalled. Got a new mouse, monitor…ready to play!?
Just a strange problem that came with the reinstallation of SG.
My mouse works perfect, but when opening SG and entering the main menu, my mouse blocks, dissapears from the menu and only appears again once I moved it out of the SG screen, into the windows-background (so not playing fullscreen). When I try to move fast over the menu, I often see my mouse for a sec, and then it’s ‘pulled’ towards the edges of the SG screen, like a magnet is pulling it out that window. (same when playing in fullscreen, the mouse appears fast for a second somewhere on the edges).

I tried the normal SG and the beta, and tried 2 different mouses. Problem still there;

anyone can help me out here?

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Occupy Terra Nova! (It’s Thursday)

In the wave of “Occupy Wall Street”, “Occupy Oakland”, “Occupy Everything” … at least let occupy Terra Nova 🙂

Thursday *LAME* Clan’s deathmatch in Terra Nova. Not sure I will play. Jesse proposed to play at 20:30, instead of at 21:00. Post your comments here and vote for your favourite maps.

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Get your CaLAMEdar 2012 here

Recycling operation: I’ve put together 12 of my creations, with fun Western movie quotes and anniversaries from Old West events in this calendar for year 2012. All images were previously featured in this site or in BallerBude’s one.

A preview:

Take the calendar here.

It’s a PDF apt to be printed at home in the simplest possible way. Paper size: A4, resolution: 300 dpi. It has not been assembled for binding, nor for typography. For best result, I suggest to print on photographic paper.

1st warning! The file is huge (around 50 MB).

2nd warning! If you don’t want to waste ink and paper, print a single page and look at result. If you are satisfied print more.


  • For help: *LAME Clan, Baller Bude.
  • For historical dates and Israeli holiday dates:, *LAME* Greyman, *LAME* SAPE, and *LAME* Mope.
  • Movie quotes from: A Fistful of Dollars, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, Once Upon a Time in the West, Duck You Sucker, The Outlaw Josey Wales, True Grit.
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Don’t forget it’s Deadmatch this evening

Hey lamer’s don’t forget this evening same  place same hour.

Choose your maps!

my maps:
Tijuana and Station

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Color is fun and LAME

Since some of us are designers and the rest of us seems to enjoy a little design post.
Here comes another one.
Withe Adobe Kuler, an online tool for making color schemes, I prepared two color schemes.
In Kuler, you can upload a picture and create a nice theme out of it.
First one is based on the SG theme, the menu you get when starting up the game

Second one is based on the theme on this site:

Now comes the fun part for designers. Go to SG theme here and Lame Theme here. If you don’t have a login, you can’t download the swatches, registration is free. If you do have a adobe ID, you can download the theme as a swatch library that you can add into your Illustrator or Indesign. It’s a .ASE library, I’m not sure Linux vectorprograms will recognize it. But if they don’t, you can look up the value of the swatches and copy them into your software.

Have fun, hope to see someone using them in a picture sometime…;)

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