Thursday duty (before you go to bed)

Don’t forget that it’s Thursday today. Don’t go to bed without having fulfilled your weekly duty: Clan Deathmatch!

I would like to change maps. What do you think of Deadwood and Harbor?

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A series of interviews. Your interest?

Title says it all? I remember some forum way back where one member questioned another member about a random theme – sometimes related to the forum and sometimes just some wacko questions. In any case it learned me each time something about the maker of the article and the one who answered the question. I think it might be fun if we do the same with LAME and make it a small serie. Interview could be done by use of Jabber or via email, so one has time to formulate some answers.
Lets say you pick one LAMEmember you would like to know something more of, if you feel like making an interview. than write it down and post it on the blog…After some interviews we will have a nice series of portraits of our members.

And like stated before, you’re free to choose the questions – just ask what you like to know about someone- it don’t have to be related to SG…
Who’s in for it?

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You click, you fly…

Ever played SG in low gravity mode?

About 2 years ago there was a server named “Team [BACON]’s Secret Moon Base” –or something like that– with a gravity value of 100 (default is 900). Just a jump and you were able to fly. It was fun, every now and then, to shoot other players from the sky or take them down from below.

I thought it would be nice if sometimes we could play our weekly deathmatch (or TDM) in a server like that.
I also tried experimenting to put online a low-g server from my home PC, and yesterday night I played against Mope in Alamo … his ping was very high, 200 or more, but mine was OK (zero) 🙂

The experiment was fun, but, I don’t know why, I can’t manage to start a server that lasts more than 1 game. When the game ends all players get disconnected. Jippi, maybe you can help me, or eventually you can resuscitate your server once a week.

What do you think?

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How to convert Muffin into Donut (provided by Swedish Chef)

A useful tip from Swedish Chef: How to convert Muffins into Donuts.
click picture to view (youtube):

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Ready to die?

Tomorrow it will be Thursday again!! Are you ready for the clan deathmatch? I hope so, otherwise you’d better reserve your place in graveyard and purchase a nice Italian tomb stone. 😛

[Inspiration: Emergence of Advertising in America, Duke University].

Please, suggest Times and Maps in comments.

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