Choose your weapon!

Just a reminder of all SG weapons features. Based on Smokin’ Guns manual.

(Click on image for full size. 1440×900 px).

2560×1600 px version.

More informations about SG weapons:

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Time flies (and it’s Thursday again)

It’s Clan’s deathmatch time!

Day: Thursday 8 September 2011.
Time: 20:30 (Finland and Israel, 21:30).
Gametype: 2 DM & 2 TDM.
Servers: Terra Nova + Nargajunas
TDM Teams: [Jippi, RemsLeTruand, Wiskey, Greyman, Zapata with male model] vs [Biondo, Mope, Sape, Jesse with female model].
Or propose something else.

Is it OK?
Please vote for maps.

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Back to work … back to school. Back to Baller.

I casually found this library propaganda poster (Chicago, between 1936 and 1940) in the Library of Congress collections, and couldn’t refrain from a personal reinterpretation …

(Click on image for full size).

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*lame* clan game server


for testing i set up a new *lame* game server.

The server need some modification, but for testing please try out what ping you have.



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Keep surfing, babe!

What’s your game strategy when it comes to buy weapons? Are you a stingy investor –one who tries to spare money for future investments– or are you a spendthrift?

[Click on image for full size].

I came to this conclusion: whenever you get enough dollars to buy a better weapon, buy it immediately. This way you have more chances to survive and kill opponents. If you are lucky enough, you’ll catch the Big Wave. You will enter the virtuous circle of killing and buying, killing and buying… You’ll feel the pleasant sensation of being surfing atop of others.

Some exceptions to this strategy:
– you have low HP. So, better to wait before buying an expensive weapon
– you see, close to you, an abandoned Colt, or a Sawed-Off, or a Schofield, or …
– you want to spare money for a Gatling
– you are a dyna-player

What do you think?

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