5th Thursday’s Clan deathmach

August is passing away and September is at the door. Hope you all had a good time during summer vacations, but now it’s time to go back to work. Clean your guns and prepare for a bloody deathmatch. Let the show begin again!

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Day: Thursday 1 September 2011.


Belgium 20:30
Finland 21:30
France 20:30
Germany 20:30
Hungary 20:30
Israel 21:30
Italy 20:30

Gametype and Maps: 2 DM (Tijuana, Deadwood) & 2 TDM (Alamo, GhostTown).

Server: Terra Nova.

TDM Teams:
Jippi, Wiskey, Greyman, Zapata with male model
Biondo, Mope, Sape, Jesse with female model.
Rems is free to choose which team to join.

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A new FAQ page

We have published a Smokin’ Guns FAQ page (under the menu voice “Smokin’ Guns”), that we hope could help newcomers.

The FAQ are partially based on the Smokin’ Guns Manual and on BalleBude pages.

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Graph of *LAME* Clan Members’ Ratio

As promised, here it is. As always, based on BallerBude stats.

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Jippi reaches stratospheric heights. My curve is almost flat … this probably means that I have no hope to improve my ratio if I don’t dramatically change strategy, ping, monitor, or whatelse.

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An Alienclan of the Dark Side


just a question I had lately. Since we all play in aprox. the same timezone, we are ‘famous’ in our normal play-hours (let’s say between 9AM and 12PM, OK.) I’ve never been playing on BB any later or any earlier. This means that at ‘night’ , when no LAME member is online, BB changes with…maybe Brazilian, American, Japanese, Chinees, Russian, etc…players or even clans! I don’t have a clue about such a clan, and probably these ‘aliens’ don’t have a clue about our existence… since we’ve neve seen each other! Only one way to check it…Anyone has been playing very late/very early once on BB? Are there different clans ruling BB at night! And tell me, do they have two arms and two guns!? Are they really human? what does there BB graphs tells us? (not much perhaps, since my graph was pretty alien/bot too :D)


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Graph of *LAME* Clan Members’ Skills

Based on BallerBude stats.

(Click on image for full size).

A bit of explanation.

In BB site you can see a player’s skills and a player’s ratio history clicking the tab “History”. In both graphs there are weekly markers for a whole year. Of course if someone changes PC/installation, the graph starts anew.

It’s difficult to compare graphs of different players because the X-axis has the same length no matter how many weeks it holds and the Y-axis of the graph is relative to the player’s skills (for example, it can go from a value of 1000 to a value of 1400, or from 1450 to 1750, and so on).

So I scaled and stretched our own curves and put them in an “absolute” grid.

It’s so messy that it’s difficult to read. What is clear is that –if you needed a confirmation– Jippi stands apart from us… too much skilled.

Don’t know what happened to ZaPaTa around February, his curve got totally flat (ZaPaTa are you a human??) 🙂

Update: In the first version of the graph I mistakenly downgraded ZaPaTa using data from his old installation. Now corrected with the most up to date data.

Normally, Skills have a very irregular progress. I’ll design a similar graph for Ratio next month (I expect a much more simple and legible graph).


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