BigBrotherBot available commands

Not sure that every one knows the commands available in console in BallerBude. As you probably know BallerBude installed a software called BigBrotherBot (also known as B3) to make administrators’ life easier. B3 is also responsible for BallerBude’s XLRStats page.
BallerBude uses a strongly customized version of BigBrotherBot, friendly known as BBB (BallerBudeBot).

To use B3 commands you have to type them in console. B3 commands are preceded by an exclamation mark (!), not by a slash (or a backslash) as SG native commands. The commands you type are displayed in chat, visible to all other players.
In the table below “NAME” means the name (or the beginning of the name… 3-4 letters) of a player that is in map at that moment.
Of course a simple user like us can’t access all B3 commands, but only few of them. Here they are.

Command Explanation Output example
!help lists all available commands private: (@spi): Available commands: aliases, help, maps, nextmap, penalty, register, regtest, rules, spree, time, xlrstats, xlrtopstats
!help COMMAND shows some help on a given command
!register registers yourself to become a user
!rules shows BallerBude rules private: (@spi): Rule #1: No racism of any kind!
private: (@spi): Rule #2: No profanity or offensive language/names (in any language)
private: (@spi): Rule #3: Be a sport! (no insults, no taunts, no cheats, no exploits)
!maps lists all available maps private: (@spi): Available maps: br_alamo_tiny, br_backwater, br_cobber, br_coyotebluff, br_dawnfort, br_durango, br_elpaso, br_farm, br_hangemhigh, br_mexico, br_newtown, br_nonamecity, br_santacruz, dm_alamo_tiny, dm_backwater, dm_canyon, dm_coyotebluff, dm_dawnfort, dm_dry, dm_fort, dm_hangemhigh, dm_mine, dm_newtown, dm_nonamecity, dm_sancuchillo, dm_steamboat, dm_tillian, dm_train, du_highnoon, du_showdown
!nextmap shows the content of the nextmap variable private: (@spi): nextmap is: vstr dm_backwater
!time displays the server time (CET/CEST) private: (@spi): The time is 21Jun2011 16:31
!regtest displays your level private: (@spi): *LAME*Biondo (@329) is a User [1] since 23Nov2009 18:34
!spree checks whether or not you are on crime spree (>5 kills in a row)
!penalty lists all your penalties (warnings, muted, …) private: (@spi): Found 1 penalty for player *LAME*Biondo: [[email protected]] perm. by @438: Baller Bude’s art director 😉
!alias NAME lists all aliases of a player
!xlrstats shows your xlrstats private: (@spi): *LAME*Biondo : K 59557 D 34031 TK 0 Ratio 1.75 Skill 1435.72
!xlrstats NAME shows the xlrstats of a given player
!xlrtopstats lists the top ten players private: (@spi): XLRStats Top 10 Players:
#1: mS.Nautica : Skill 1799.17 Ratio 4.58 Kills: 2844,
#2: *LAME*JippiJaYeah : Skill 1786.01 Ratio 4.45 Kills: 15263,
#3: !NuB!muffin : Skill 1752.71 Ratio 4.62 Kills: 23082,
#4: Kimo : Skill 1746.65 Ratio 2.97 Kills: 6115,
#5: mS.Spey : Skill 1688.79 Ratio 2.76 Kills: 1651,
#6: wR”Ajax : Skill 1674.28 Ratio 2.05 Kills: 6873,
#7: -=LG=-Daber : Skill 1652.87 Ratio 3.17 Kills: 1748,
#8: !NuB!Sunrise : Skill 1643.95 Ratio 2.38 Kills: 49013,
#9: [*<|X0P]Equilibrist : Skill 1641.26 Ratio 2.10 Kills: 954, #10: '*>FA<*'GunnY : Skill 1634.73 Ratio 2.15 Kills: 14467
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excuse me!

A fun fact I’ve noticed from time to time in Baller Bude.
People start to apologies against *LAME*players. Often referring to Me or Biondo.  They start saying things like:
“Zapata, I got kicked yesterday. But I didn’t cheat! I swear you!”
and even “Zapata, sorry about yesterday, I made an insult”. Or even “sorry, but don’t tell it to Biondo” (real thing mate!)
Last time was really funny. A player started working on our nerves. We had a little chat about his tone and after a while the player told us he was a good friend of Biondo and he didn’t like our tone!  He said: ” I tell everything to Biondo. Blabla.” The same moment Biondo joins that game and the guy stops chatting. We asked him what he’s up to now, but after a silence he quits (I think, or he remained silent for the rest of the game)
It seems like his good friend Biondo didn’t know the poor fellow…what a fun!
Beg for mercy Baller Bude!

A peaceful and friendly Zap.

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Biondo’s Inferno

Smokin’ Guns gunslingers, how many sorts of annoying and unfair players have you met in your career? Probably many. And how would you like to punish them if you had the opportunity?

Biondo — compatriot of Dante Alighieri — tries to summarize his experience in this “Smokin’ Guns Hell” scheme.

(Click on image to download full graphics).

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2nd Clan Deathmatch Results + Updated Ratings

Based on Biondo’s kindly granted screens, I’m proud to announce the 2nd Clanmatch results:

Name 2nd Match Score
Biondo 1
Mope 0,5
Jesse James 0
ZaPaTa 0
JippiJaYeah! 3

And, based on those, I’m posting the results of  the overall clanmatch score, which is also represented at Secrets > Clan Deathmatch Scoring:

Name Matches Played Total Score
Biondo 2 3,5
Mope 2 1,5
Jesse James 2 0,5
ZaPaTa 2 0
Rems Letruand 0 0
JippiJaYeah! 1 3

This collage is  devoted to Zapata and JJ! They’ve founded Lame Clan, and they are keeping the spirit of it, no matter what place in ratings. Keep improving and practicing, guys, we can really see the recent progress in skills of all clan members! Next time we’ll give’em hell!

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2nd Clan Deathmatch

Ready for another Clan Deathmatch?

Day: Tomorrow, Thursday 16 June 2011.


Italy 20:30
Belgium 20:30
Germany 20:30
France 20:30
Israel 21:30

Server: Terra Nova (in case of connection problems we’ll meet in BallerBude and there decide what to do).

Proposed Maps: Ghost Town, Alamo 2, Tijuana.

I’ll take screenshots at the end of each match so to document the scores (yes, now I have my bind back).

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