Clan Deathmatch Results

For all those who didn’t manage to get there, and for those who patiently waited there. Something to sweeten your disappointment: some free western fonts (sure you have some of them, but maybe you’ll find smth new there).

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Clan deathmatch

(Click on image for full strip: 1.5 Mb)

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The 5 top favourite weapons of the 10 best ballerbude players

What makes a good player? Experience, a good hardware, a good ping, a strategy, knowing every map as his own apartment, fast reactions, the right weapon in the right moment, tweaking his q3config as a software-sadist, just luck … ?? Don’t know. And nobody knows, but I want to investigate. So, this is the first graphic I extracted from Ballerbude stats (

I took the best 10 players of today (today is 30/05/2011, Ballebude stats are not The Bible, and also there, things change from day to day) to see their 5 most used weapons. Maybe we can learn something. Or maybe not.

Are they using Colts because they are good players, or are they good players because they use Colts? Or, are they good players because of their ping, so that they can afford to buy 2 colts and sit camping on a roof? Who knows? If I could camp –with a good ping– on a roof, I’d be almost immortal… and I’d keep getting more and more money, and more and more Colts :), but I’m not a camper.

That’s it. SG is not Robin Hood, it gives more to the richest one.

I think that it’s not a matter of ping, not mainly, it’s a matter of smart strategy and prompt reactions. Why, Doppelkupplungsgetriebe doesn’t use Colts at all?

(Click on image to download infographic, 10 MB).

I know all this players. I played with them, but I also spectated them a lot when I was admin in Baller (I was always looking for cheaters. This was before ^TheDoctor^’s anti-cheater system). I’m sorry we can’t see ^TheDoctor^’s stats, because he is hidden in BB stats.

Well, Nautica and Muffin they camp a lot, and they have an enviable ping (Muffin doesn’t play when his ping is below 50) . It’s obvious they use Colts a lot. But I recognise they are wonderful players, with a strategy and good reflexes.

JippieJayeah! and Boss, they run a lot. They have amplified reflections (good headphones?). I love them 😉
I think that Jippie uses Sawedoff because he frequently plays at night, against bots. And I know what a Sawedoff can do against bots 😉

The more you go down the list, the less you see Colts and the more you see other weapons used.

But what amazes me the most is Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (Doppel): no Colts, and many S&W Schofield. Nice Dopp, a very personal strategy that seems to be working. [Do you know Doppel, that grasshopper always jumping in the middle of the road? Eh eh  🙂 Hi, Dopp].

And now let’s have a look at *LAME* clan stats.

(Click on image to download infographic, 10 MB).

As you can see we don’t follow the same pattern of 10 best Ballerbude players. Apart from JippieJayeah!, the others are each one a different story. Mope preferring S&W Schofield, Biondo having a “lame” fun with Sawed-Off, and ZaPaTa + JesseJames using pistols (but no Peacemaker). JesseJames likes also the Winchester 1897 (10%), not depicted in the graphic.

Are we lame because we don’t use Colts, or we don’t use Colts because we are lame? Who can say?

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The big big map of Smokin’Guns servers

Consider it as a present for *LAME* Clan members. It’s a desktop wallpaper (resolution: 1400×1050) and it’s an imaginary map of Smokin’Guns servers as seen through the eyes of Biondo.
Not all server are represented here, and not all depicted have the same relevance… it’s the limited and personal point of view of one player.
Can you give me more ideas to make it more informative, but particularly more fun? I’m opened to suggestions.

Now a bit of an explanation.

BallerBude Confederation.
“Confederation” because it had 2 sons “Speciabude” first, and “Terra Nova” next.
The gallows represents the strong sense of legality of Baller’ s administrators (BigBrotherBot, ^TheDoctor^’s anti-cheat system, recorded demos, blacklisted words). Many cheaters had been banned permanently here.
Swamps and Mountains are at opposite sides, with TheDoctor at the top and … Lame clan at the bottom 😉 (but with the honour of a Google Maps marker).

Is the hunting territory of Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, another great player and Baller admin. Doppeltown is a tribute to him (yes, there are 2 Doppeltowns, from a joke about the German word “Doppel”, in English: “double”.)

Terra Nova.
Have fun with the Beta release of SG. With a tribute to Donut and Lon for their fun SG 1.1b4 maps. Many others contributed maps (Pardner, Steve, Dago, …), but this land is too small for so many towns. Congratulations to them and to all beta-testers.

JeuxLinux Republic.
Homeland of Bank-Robbery game and a well administered server.

Indipendent Republic of Smokingans.Fr, Lannukka, The Waste Land.
Nothing to see and to say here, I don’t know them 🙁

War Territories.
It’s sg.wars (though probably there is an error here… it’s a son of JeuxLinux, not of

The Rogue Isle of Most Wanted.
A server administered and frequented by well known cheaters, banned elsewhere ( That’s it.

The Ocean of Bad Ping.
Really difficult playing in the West coast for us.

Another server of cheaters, but here cheating is explicitly allowed. Every one can type “god” or “give all” in console, to be immortal or to get all weapons at a time.

United States of Rawhide (Both Barrels).
Its admins (Pardner, TheHoss and Neckerson) are represented here (don’t ask me why the dot near Neckerson is ReD 😉 )

Gamers4Jesus Missions.
Well, if you don’t know why, have a look at their site:

You probably can’t read it if you don’t own a really crisp monitor, but it’s named “Nautica” … one of the best SG players (and a real cruise ship

[Drawn with Free software: Inkscape]

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