A new little lame member is born!

Howdy Lames!

Vincent told Bishop and me that his little child was born.
I think, it is now three or five days ago.
If you see him, please fell free to give him warm congratulations.


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Spring is coming?

Now it’s in Belgium 0 degrees on this moment, hooray brave yourself spring is coming… So we can’t do other things then hunt for a bounty!

So let’s come to Circus Novus @ 20u30 (+1 GMT), pick up your weapons and fight!
HOpe the best player will win.

Kind regards

Jesse James

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The Last Winter ClanMatch!

Same Time, Same Place, Same Lames. (Circus Novas, 20:30 European Central Time)

See you soon!

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Howdy cowboys,
for those who are behind their computers or email, you’ll now get an email for this post 🙂
It’s LAMEmatch rrrrright now in Circus Novus.
Hope to catch you there!

rusty Zapa

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Weekly TDM

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