We want you in game!

Short reminder: Today at 20:30pm central, you know the location. Jippi

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Are you ready? Get Active!

Get Active Lazy Cows!
(I, ZaPa, made a small ‘call to action’ but Jesse was first here to remind us. So, It’s just my pic 😀 )
Hey guys/girl

After a few weeks without playing a good deadmatch it’s that time again. Are you ready to shoot the other cowboys?
Put here your maps and other things. 🙂


Jesse James

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Thanx everything, Shadow Fighter

…I run and try to reload my sawed-off as fast as I can, but I hear the sound of a flying bowie knife. To late… It is Jippi.

I think every *LAME* member knows this situation. It is Jippi the Reaper.

He left our clan some mounth ago, and I think this post must be born weeks, month ago. One of my best frind made me realize this. Thanx.

Jippi did a lot for the clan, worked hard, when there was problem with homepage migration, edited our homepage with Biondo, made nice Google Analytics for the clan, and many-many things, we didn’t remember, or we didn’t know about. He wasn’t be on the foreground, but he followed the events of the backgorund, of the Shadow.

I am not expert in graphical-works, but I made a montage to you, Jippi, I hope you like it. We had some clonfict, but I think we are oponents, not enemies. I hope you think the same.

Thanx everything.


Ps.: Biondo, Mope I hope you don’t mind that I used some graphs from you. 🙂

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It’s that time again!

You don’t mess with *LAME*.

So the boys (and girl) need some practice. Who’s in for a clanmatch tonight?
I propose one DM-game, followed by one or more TDM (like I proposed in a former post: if we are with four, we play in two teams. If we are with more, we play a game and teams switches for the second game.)
Who’s there 8:30 in Terra Nova!?





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No time anymore –> no playing

Gringos, my time is running out, too much work on other projects for the next months.

So i decided to leave the clan.

I’m sorry for that, because it was always fun with you.


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