Hi Kids,

I would like to know of all of you your opinion about a temporary ‘holiday’ for the clan. With a lot of us on holidays, or just outdoors, I believe it’s a bit redundant to organise ‘official’ clanwars. (even with our own members). Personaly I won’t be much behind my computer, so I can’t catch up with topics or play enough to stay in good shape.

I also believe we ‘closed our doors’ last year too in the summer. So I ask your opinion about a TEMPORARY ‘cool-down’ period on the side and on our clan-evenings for the months July & August.

Who got any travelplans btw?

Cheers, Zapa

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Pick up your weapons and fight!

Hello Lame-ers and other SG people. Yes I saw it on the calendar it’s 21 of june so it’s finally SUMMMMMMEEEEEEERRRRRRRR! Ribaa woop woop bujaka yek yek yek!  Ha the sound of vacation in my ears, now that the examns are over 🙂  ! It’s the longest day of the year and that will we celebrate in Terra Nova under a burning sun of Tiujana or something like that.

So summer is famous for his songs: this is an awesome cowboynumber

Hope everyone will have a great summer with good vibes and lots of nice weather!

Hope see you all tonight @20u30 in Terra Nova


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Lame Weekly Deathmatch

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Joining Server Problems

HI . ITS ME desconhecido . im here to tell a thing . didnt know where to put this . i dont know wht happen but now i cant go i ballerbude server . same error gav to me in jeuxlinux . gave again in ballerbude .
but now i can in jeulinu and ballerbude no . dont know what is happening .Can comeone tell me if know what is happening? greezs, Desconhecido

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Pic of the week.

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