Ready for your weekly dose of bullets?

Same servers, same time, ready for another smoky Thursday.

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17 Responses to “Ready for your weekly dose of bullets?”

  1. Jippi says:

    Sorry for yesterday, i fallen asleep.

    GG Jesse & Sape.
    It looks Zap is a always 2nd constant player.

  2. @spi says:

    iam always loosing against such skilled lame guys.
    next time i try to drink much more beers, maybe it helps 😉

    thanx 4 the good game

  3. JesseJames says:

    Tnx SAPE,
    What a game was the second map. I taught that I was out for victory but I had a big wave. 🙂 The adrenaline was high yesterdaynight.
    And yes ZaPa was very good, he never played so good.
    Tnx for such a good game!

  4. SAPE says:

    It was great game. Thanx all. GG all.
    The first map is my map, the sawed-off tactics work there well.
    The second map is a less-known map for me. It isn’t a sawed off map. There were some snipers on the roofs. I can’t find good positions there. Nice Jesse and Zap. 🙂

  5. Mope says:

    Indeed, one of the best lameclan deathmatches ever!

  6. GREYMAN says:

    GG all! 🙂

  7. Biondo says:

    OK, the scores.

    Big news tonight! Sape has been very good in the first round (this is not news) … but “original” *LAME* brothers are back!

    Zapa discovered headphones (I told you 4 months ago Zapa when I saw your demo, “Use headphones, Zapa”, hehe).

    Jippi wasn’t here, and this was an advantage for all of us.

    @spi wasn’t in his best night, distracted by sons. And Biondo, with his low virtual ping, proved that negative timenudge doesn’t help 🙁

    Quotes from the game dialogues:

    “*LAME*ZaPaTa: why I cant fininish anybody :(”

    “*LAME*Mope: you’re all so punctual… Europeans, what can I say!”

    “*LAME*Mope: some Indian runs here with a knife!”

    “*LAME*ZaPaTa: wait I’m winning :D”

    “*LAME*Biondo: zAPA IS A BEAST”

    “@spi: horrible to play with idiots like you :)”

    *LAME*Mope: evil”

    “*LAME*Biondo: i cultivated snakes in my heart”

    “*LAME*ZaPaTa: its a thing called headphones … so its headphoneism”

    “*LAME*ZaPaTa: brothers work it out”

    “*LAME*Mope: Jesse and Zap …what a comeback!”

  8. GREYMAN says:

    Nice poster Biondo!
    Sorry , but i skip this game.
    I have tendonitis. My right hand is two or three days useless. 🙁
    Come on everyone!

    • Biondo says:

      Bad news Grey. Go to see a doc as soon as possible.

      • GREYMAN says:

        Thank you Biondo, I’ve been. Rest, Fastum gel, etc…
        If the situation does not improve on Monday, I’m going back.

  9. Biondo says:

    Thank you Zapa. To be honest, it’s so heavily inspired by some posters I saw (, that it’s almost plagiarism. Maybe I’ll remove it tomorrow.

  10. ZaPaTa says:

    Can’t promise anything – again –
    but I love that graphic Biondo.
    Well done and thx for the invite yesterday. But I was ruined, so 🙁

  11. SAPE says:

    I am ready. Cu. 🙂

  12. JesseJames says:

    I’am ready after a great birthday yesterday 😉

  13. Wiskey says:

    I don’t know if I can come to clan war, my cousin has birthday today.

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