Thursday clan deathmatch

Same places, same time, ready for another celebration of *LAME* cannibalism!

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  1. Eskizofrenia says:

    wow , nice 2 games , seems was a hard game! hehe, congratz yippi , i think i never win you a game when you play the same minutes than me XD, and GG for all of you hehe.

  2. hehe, that was nice although i had some issues with lags and my fps (alamo is one of the worst maps in this case). anyway, i hope that i could connect again next week if you don’t mind 🙂

    btw, it’s lovely to see how your little community grew together. i appreciate and enjoy both your contributions to the blog and the witty dialogues between y’all.

    have a nice day,
    best regards,


    • Biondo says:

      Thank to you for playing and for appreciation, Dike!
      Yesterday I didn’t realize that you were Magician.

  3. JesseJames says:

    What a nice was this, first map my pc was lagging and so I had a bad score, second map I was ready to took revenge, but I missed one time Biondo and so I lost the game. 🙂 Everyone was running and shooting, it was harder than in WW II 🙂 Very nice Jippi!
    Grey, Wiskey also nice. SAPE was very good in the first game. 🙂 In 20 minutes we played 2 matches, nice average :). My heart was pounding 🙂
    TNX all !

  4. GREYMAN says:

    It was fun and very good! GG all!
    Thanks Biondo.
    Pretty good little gun is the sawed-off shotgun! 🙂

  5. SAPE says:

    GG all. Nice matches.

  6. Wiskey says:

    I am suprised that I won Jesse in first match, but I don’t understand why my score is so bad in another match. Hard match. Thanks Biondo

  7. ZaPaTa says:

    Nice to see some Ping’s too. Both Mope and Wiskey played with a pretty high ping.
    Was a fun game, both of them. We’re all been running around like chicken indeed JYY. Hilarious, I often could aim because I was laughing 😀
    Congrats again Jippie.

  8. JippiJaYeah says:

    Great to see that all running like chicken around. 😉

  9. Biondo says:

    Alamo and Tijuana. Here are the scores:

    As always, Jippi is a the big winner! Nice Jippi.
    Sape had a good performance in the first map, and Biondo in the second.
    Greyman and Zapa are growing old, they play much better nowadays. Jesse had good chances to win in the second match. Mope wasn’t in his best day, but not bad at all in the 1st match.
    Wiskey, you played the first match very well… congratulations!

    Probably some lag in the server and a bad ping penalized Mope and Wiskey more than others.

  10. JippiJaYeah says:

    21:00 o’clock, right?

  11. JesseJames says:

    Jesse James is ready, to win (or to die) 🙂

  12. @spi says:

    sry, cant join tonight … have fun guys, and dont forget mext wednesday, 11/09 a good friends birthday 🙂

  13. JippiJaYeah says:

    Jippi is ready!

  14. SAPE says:

    The Beast is ready! 🙂

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