Ugly Thursday

I have an indecent proposal for our Thursday clan deathmatch of tonight: a game in TheUgly style. That exactly means “dyna only”, not “insults only”. 😉

The reason behind this is that I want to obtain a client crash in Terra Nova to debug SG beta’s random crashes.

Since it seems that crashes occur more frequently in crowded games, I tried adding a lot of bots to the map, but without being able to produce a crash. I’m starting to think that crashes occurs in crowded games, but only when someone is using dynamite. This is plausible since dynamite had a similar bug in past times.

I think you understand my proposal now: I need many players, using dyna. Possibly in a not so big map (Tijuana should fit very well the purpose).

Do yo agree to help me in crashing my client?

The second game of the deathmatch might be another Winnies’ fight in Greenhill Lake, or something totally different in another map.

In the meanwhile have fun with this 2 minutes short … “Ugly Thursday”!

Music by: Kevin MacLeod (

Sounds by: Benboncan, Erdie, Nikolino, Robinhood76, Syna-Max, davidou, fonogeno, joedeshon, juskiddink, klankbeeld, schademans, shawshank73, simon.rue, (

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  1. Slowly John says:

    yeah, i’m with you and the station. let’s do it! and if it not so cool, then we have the winnie-map, the dyna-trick and much more… but the best is we have fun together 🙂

  2. JesseJames says:

    OK station is maybe the best map. 🙂
    Hehe I’am happy whit the knives, but Jippi will be outstanding 😉

  3. Biondo says:

    I think we should try Station, as I said above.
    Do everyone agree?
    If not we can play a dyna-trick game and classic game, or … something else 🙂 It’s not easy to get everybody happy.

  4. JesseJames says:

    Ok you have a point about that, but for the rest I don’t know a map that is balanced enough for the crazy plan 🙂

  5. Biondo says:

    No, I think that in Lago you don’t have a balanced situation. one side has more roofs available, an on higher height. Also the gap between the 2 sides id too large. It shouldn’t work, IMO.

  6. JesseJames says:

    Hmm I was thinking about Lago, One team on the roofs and an other team on the other side of the street?

  7. Biondo says:

    Yes I know that Mine and Dry Gulch should work, but we can’t play in BallerBude (too many players), we have to play in Terra Nova and these maps are not available in TN.

  8. Slowly John says:

    …ok, dynamite to ignite with throwing-knife is not possible

  9. Slowly John says:

    ok, maybe two from the classic maps are interesting

    “Dry Gulch”:
    – Team One: the inner range of standing buildings (little L)
    – Team Two: the outer range of standing buildings (big L)
    …from top it looks like two “L”

    – Team One: the “inner side” of buildings (near the rails)
    – Team Two: the “outer side” of buildings (near the map-periphery)

    maybe one rule more: fighting is only enabled from own team-side. if a player stand to beginn in game by the enemy side, he must (like Biondo says) run, or better sneak to the own team-side to beginn his fighting. i think that is not a problem, because the teams stand on the roofs.

  10. Biondo says:

    I can’t find a TN map that has the necessary requisites. Harbor is full of walkable roofs, but no easy way to delimit 2 different zones. Maybe we could try in Station, not using the roofs, but using the middle train rail as confines between the 2 teams. Rail Volley, Jippi?

    For me is OK also trying the dyna-trap, although I understand that it could easily become boring. Just, we can try.

  11. Slowly John says:

    aaaah, very interessting idea Biondo, crazy enough and very good possible. your rules are good! i like your lokal divide on place. maybe we can recruit the teams (because the DM), by sharing the teams about the overview-list in an upper-team and down-team, fifty/fifty, …and if we have a odd value, then the last player goes to the down-team. is this ok?
    incidentally, i remember the great throwing-knife-scene from James Coburn in “The Magnificent Seven”…
    i think throwing-knife-teams can make much fun. two teams on roofs, beautiful! you have right, we must find the best map for this… advantage, money is no need for. i will later look at terra nova and write here my proposal…
    and if it is possible (i would be test this later on another computer) and the team vote yes to the funny trap, to ignite dynamite ONLY with a throwing-knife, …maybe we can take this “corners-scare” with in the mission 🙂
    …and maybe we can take follow theme-name : “Coburn`s Cutter Convention” 😀

  12. Biondo says:

    Hehe, thanks Slowly.

    I was starting to think at a knives-only fight between 2 teams of players. But not a usual knife fight: the 2 teams should be physically separated (for example on the roofs of 2 groups of houses divided by a street).
    Each player should stay only into his team’s area and can be killed only when he is into that area (if he respawns elsewhere, he should reach his team’s area).
    So it would be a pure knives throwing battle, and from distance.

    Any idea about which TN map could be the best choice for such a knives crossfire? Any idea about how to improve the game rules?

  13. Slowly John says:

    …ok, right, i understand, it must be possible and good for all players. but i am looking forward to another crazy ideas from our team… you know, i am a little bit crazy and very open for funny ideas… and whatever it is, i’m going with you 🙂 .
    for example, i remember me to the first winnie fight, that was so funny, because all players going without attack, to find her money, that was so sweet & friendly to see the other desperate players at the map… – i laughing so much.
    it is so nice that we have the winnie-world now! i am a big fan from the Biondo-theme-days!!

  14. JesseJames says:

    Hmm uhu but you see it’s possible that you can have a one-weapon map. Maybe is that possible for one time?

    • Biondo says:

      Sorry Jesse, no it isn’t. I can’t do it, and I won’t do it. As I said last week, Lake is Winchester1866-only, and that is the only TN map where a single weapon is allowed. I can’t ask TheDoctor to modify the maps every week for *LAME* clan desire 🙂

      No, definitely, not. If we want to play a single-weapon map, or we play in SpecialBude, or we play in TN (Winchester) or we have to choose a cheap weapon (that means: knives, dynamite, pistols).

      Your request is legitimate, but it’s not that easy.

  15. Slowly John says:

    @Jesse: ok, why not, but we need much money at start

  16. JesseJames says:

    a great gatling game :p

  17. Slowly John says:

    @ Biondo: yes, a card with many roofs would be good.
    @ Jippi: ok, the first player to lose the nerves is running…
    but you can, if you’re quick, pick up the dynamite of the other players.
    perhaps we have a flopp, but I like those ideas with crazy rules, maybe someone has a better idea for a big other battle, like the super-winnie-map 🙂

  18. JesseJames says:

    Hmm I don’t so much dyna, but jippi have a point when he said that everybody is waiting, than there are no kills. 🙂

  19. Slowly John says:

    hello friends

    my idea for the next clan-fighting-theme is a dyna-
    revival with follow strong rules:

    – all players use only dynamite to kill other players
    (it is good and inexpensive)
    – but! (and this is the best 🙂 ) all can ignite the dynamite ONLY with a gun (not with another dynamite from hand)
    – a name proposal for this version, maybe “Minesweeper”

    …what are you thinking about this crazy stuff? i can
    imagine a lot of fun with all of this traps. have you a
    idea for a good map to do this?

    a good night for all now, because i will go online
    first tomorrow again…

    your john

    • Biondo says:

      You mean shooting at dyna, lying on the ground. For me it’s OK, probably not a fast game as the last we played with dyna, but let’s try.

      Which map? I suppose a map with many roofs (Tijuana, Lago, Deadwood, Harbor…). If I remember well somebody lag in Harbor, and Tijuana starts to get boring (IMHO). Deadwood?

    • JippiJaYeah says:

      Hmm…, when everybody is waiting for his laying trap, who is then running? 😉

  20. Slowly John says:

    sorry friends, i was total busy and also a little bit sick… maybe next week… (i think earlier playing is better for me too) best greetings @All

    @Jesse: i miss you too 😉

    @Biondo: haha, ugly-thursday… what for a great & funny idea to remember! 😀 😀 😀

  21. SAPE says:

    Hm…. wasn’t my day. There are many reasons:

    I never use dyna, so I haven’t got experience with it.
    I don’t like/I don’t know the map Deadwood.
    And my ping was outstanding bad. ( you can see my ping values in the screenshots. It is not really bad, but I used timenudge -50, so my real ping was very-very bad.)

    GG all.

  22. JesseJames says:

    Indeed very funny first game with the dyna. But we were very bad with it 🙂 Much suicides,…
    Second game I was long time on the lead but then I don’t made kills anymore.

    It was a pity that Jippi,SlowlyJohn, ZaPaTa, Wiskey,and Grey don’t find the time to play with us.
    Also thanks Sun!

  23. Biondo says:

    Strange deathmatch.
    It was partially kidnapped to obtain a client crash for debugging purposes. But no crash happened 🙁
    Few players, I have to say. Not the best condition to get a crash.

    The first game was Tijuana, dyna-only. The second Deadwood, all weapons.
    In the second game Sunrise showed us what playing SG means. Nice Sun.

    Mope had to download the map. Sape wasn’t really playing, IMO.

    Here are the screenshots:

  24. @spi says:

    sry folks, that i am not present in SG gaming past months …

    your clan spirit is realy greate ! nice team, nice members, realy well done !

    real live involved me to much to find time for sg gaming, but be sure me and doc, always support the LAME BB Clan,
    and follow your activities 😉

    feel free to contact me about … what ever


  25. JesseJames says:

    Indeed nice video 🙂
    I’am ready to blow up your speakers 😉

    BTW: zapata can not play this evening because he has a congress with his work.

  26. SAPE says:

    Very fun video 😀 😀

  27. SAPE says:

    OK. I am in. 🙂

  28. Mope says:

    Prepare to see the world from high above. I’ll give you a quck course of levitation lessons.

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