About us

We’re no good winners but especially sore losers

Howdy Folks,

Thanks for visiting our *LAME* Clan site.
On a dusty, hot evening ZaPaTa and JesseJames decided to start a nice little clan, dedicated to Smokin’Guns and the BallerBude server. *LAME* was born and named after the favourite of ZaPaTa when getting shot too fast, “Lame“. We’re an international clan, with members from Hungary, Italy, Israel, Finland, France, Germany, Belgium…

Leave your note on the Contact page but currently recruitment is closed.

Dawn Fort

This clan is about fun, dedication and fairplay.
If you’re a bit used to a Quake engine and love western themes, our LAME-site is your place to be.

Smokin'Guns site

BallerBude site

[For history… Old Lame Clan’s site.]

5 Responses to “About us”

  1. Bart says:

    Be sure, it’s better to be realistic than to think we are the bests and nobody other.
    Nice new design.


  2. Biondo says:

    Thanks a lot, Mope and @spi!

  3. jesse james says:

    tnx @spi. That was our intention of the Lameclan.

  4. @spi says:

    i rember similar style, biondo designed for the BB Blog site, but we never go live with it.
    realy nice design, best sg clan site i have ever seen !
    lg and thanx for linkin an player always hard and fair on our Server

  5. Mope says:

    Awesome! Really great job done! Very neat. I just love the new design! Thanx, Biondo!

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