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New season – *LAME* clan DM

Howdy Lames!

Wake up my friends. Time to play some matches again.

Date: 19/09/2013 (Thursday)
Time: 19:30 20:30
Place: BB server

And there is some “teaser” for you. It is a littlebit much more energetic than the old ones.

And special thanks to Trinita, our newest member. He is the most active member of our clan nowadays, he represent our clan on BB server, he keep alive the “LAME Spirit”.

It is for you Trinita:

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Jippie the Wizard

“Hi, Lames.

The always incredible and fun JippieYaYeah was caught while juggling in Canyon. I asked him to make a short video and here it is:”

Fun! 😀

Source: Boilerplate/Biondo

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2 coffins (but it’s not the end)

As you probably know there have been huge problems with master servers lately (see: Master Server, This is the end…, and Serverlist of Monsterbrowser). With the going offline of ID Software master server the situation has become dramatic because the builtin server-tracker of all SG clients is now useless (as are MonsterBrowser and XQF), and it’s complicated for newbies to figure out how to join an online game. If this situation would last for long, SG would be at risk of extinction.

In these last few day some new master servers have been created by ricochet and Joe Kari, while barto (with his batchfiles connecting directly to single servers), dansh (with his precompiled binaries) and a.k47 (with his video tutorials) tried helping players in configuring their clients in order to connect to online games. Thanks to all of them for their efforts (I hope I haven’t forgot anybody … it’s not simple to follow a discussion that spreads along three threads).

So now we have an official master server to query: In order to be able to get in-game server list you have to edit your q3config.cfg adding the line: seta sv_master1 "" [I’ve already updated our FAQ consequently].
Warning: not all servers are reporting to these master servers yet (due to mysterious problems, BB, SB and TN are not listed yet, for instance). If you have added servers to your MonsterBrowser manually, some of them might disappear when you reload the server list.

Latest news: given these problems and given the fact that most part of SG developers is inactive at the moment, Joe Kari took the initiative to start distributing a new SG version that should bury both SG 1.0 and SG 1.1b4 under 2 meters of soil. The new release is named “SG 1.1 beta 5a unofficial“. Read Joe Kari’s call for help and download the new release here: A CALL to the community – SG 1.1 beta 5.

Waiting for a better hosting service, at the moment the download is slow, but keep in mind that it’s not just a simple update, it’s a complete SG binary ready to be run. No Windows installer until now, simply unzip it to some place in your hard drive, enter the directory and run smokinguns.exe.
It’s probably better if you backup your q3config.cfg before running the game.

Until now I don’t know of any server that is ready for SG 1.1b5a, so you can test it only in single player mode or in LAN.
Once you have played some games you should also vote in the poll about your experience with it.
Smokin’ Guns lives as long as it has a community behind him, and you can take part into it by helping with tests. Hopefully, SG 1.1b5a will soon evolve in a stable SG 1.1!
Get 2 coffins ready for SG 1.0 and SG 1.1b4!

[Click on image for full strip. Source: A Fistful of Dollars ]

Stay updated, because it’s a rapidly evolving situation.

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SG video, featuring *LAME* Clan

Hehe, found this introduction to Smokin’ Guns gameplay in YouTube. The fun thing is that it was recorded during a *LAME* Thursday in Terra Nova. Video by meldrian aka holarse of Holarse — Spielen unter Linux.
The second part is recorded in Circus Maximus.

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Jesse’s nightmare

As Wiskey asked to play 1/2 hour before our usual time, starting from this Thursday our weekly clan deathmatch will start at 20:30 CET (21:30 in Israel and Finland) instead of 21:00.

All clan members agreed to change the start time, and in particular JesseJames who wants to watch a football match on TV at 21:00. Hmm … for me two different games in an evening is too much. Jesse, you’ll probably end up dreaming something like this, when you’ll go to sleep:

A Specs-are-Flies production, by Biondo.
3D intro: Subject Name Here aka SNH.
Sounds: ERH, HerbertBoland, olive-yeah, prototipado, Pablo-F (
Made in: Blender, Cinelerra CV, Inkscape.

Please vote for servers/gametype/maps for next Thursday clan deathmatch.

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