At the moment we aren’t actively recruiting, but:

  • if you are registered BallerBude player since at least 1-2 month
  • if you always respected BallerBude rules (“No racism of any kind”, “No profanity or offensive language/names”, “Be a sport”)
  • if you aren’t already a member of another clan
  • if you play mainly in BallerBude server
  • if you agree to take part in the weekly *LAME* clan deathmatch (mostly played in Terra Nova server — requires that you play with SG 1.1b4)
  • if you think you can contribute, with posts and comments, to the life of this blog
  • if you agree with clan rules and feel you can share *LAME* clan’s spirit

post here a request to join the clan. Your request will be taken in serious consideration.


44 Responses to “Recruitment”

  1. Ripley says:

    I would like to join the clan. What should I have to do?
    Please, I don’t play so often, but I’m a good player and your clan is one of the few around, as long as I can say.
    Nice site, BTW.

    • Wiskey says:

      You have to connect for Baller so often as you can, so we see how do you play with others. I think that after 1-2 months we can say if you are accepted.

  2. Bohanon says:


    I am Bohanon. My real name is Kiril.

    I love SG very much. I think people in this clas are good guys.

    So, i want to join.

    Thank You.

  3. Trinita says:

    Hello Lame’s , im here to know if it is possible to join *LAME* clan .
    I got everything that is need in you clan rules of your recruitment .
    I think everyone already saw me in game , my name in game Trinita .

  4. Kontekst says:

    Hi Guys, my name is Kontekst. i don’t have the requirement that i play at least 1 month, but everything else is fine. i want to join the clan to learn from you guys and to support you. 🙂

    • JesseJames says:

      Hey Kontekst we will watch you a bit, see if your behavior is good, you respect a bit our rules that is very important for LAME members that we respect eachother and other players. (and play so often as you could).
      If that is good for you? We will answer you in the future and we are happy that you will join us and you like SG.

  5. PedRO says:

    im pedro from tunisia i wanna join lame clan cause i like it i have many names and most of players know me i play on buller bude and jeuxlinux aliases : Sope – Falcao – H2K-Pedro!
    and i played for many clans 🙂

  6. The Bishop says:

    Thank you very much Jesse and All! I can’t wait to play together with you guys (and most probably die a dreadful death due to your skills, but that’s the way it goes). 🙂

  7. JesseJames says:

    I’am Happy to see you here Bishop. 🙂 We can now add you to our teamlist, make an account for you,…
    Hope you like it very much and just enjoy it.

  8. The Bishop says:

    Dear Lame Clan members,
    I’ve always enjoyed playing with you on BB and I would be most honored if I could join your clan. Altough I’m not the best gunslinger around, I agree with your rules wholeheartedly and I would try to contribute by my means to your great community.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hi!I’m Kate and I want to join a clan.

  10. Desconhecido says:

    will do my best . because my computer dont let me play more then i do now my graphics card is bad.

  11. JesseJames says:

    Hope you will take your chance. 🙂

  12. Desconhecido says:

    why not . challenge accepted
    :). and thanks

  13. JesseJames says:

    Hey Desconhecido, we decided that we will watch you for a month or two and see who your skills evolve in the future, and see if you like SG and BallerBude. And that you play often,etf.
    Are you in?

  14. Desconhecido says:

    ok no problem . im going to the game right now 😀 meet you there.i do what i can do . and if that isnt enought i will go do more then that .

  15. JesseJames says:

    Hey Desconhecido, nice to see you here on our site.
    I will discuss first with the other clanmembers if we accept you, because you are pretty new and we want loyal players.
    I will say in game or here if we take you, OK?

    Jesse James

  16. Desconhecido says:

    hello . jesse james i came to your site to see this . and i would like to go in the clan . i always enter in ballerbude server . i will talk to you when i find you in the game .
    Pleasure to put in site in my favorites.

  17. Biondo says:

    Sorry SpayLin, but we are not accepting new clan members.
    In any case, if we had to choose among new candidates we’d chose those who respect clan rules.

  18. SpayLin says:

    Hello * LAME * Clan,

    My real name: Justin
    My age: 15
    SmokinGuns Name: SpayLin
    I want to * LAME * Clan: I like to play with friendly people =)
    Hobbies: I like to play football out side with friends or just PC gamers.
    I play almost 6 months now Smokinguns.
    Nationality: I live in Germany
    Skype: justin_styler15

    PS: My English is bad sorry = (

    Greeting SpayLin

  19. JesseJames says:

    I played UT also a few years ago with ZaPaTa, a very nice game but always too busy and a too fast game.
    But I hope that we see you in SG as well.

    Jesse James

  20. Stone says:

    Dear Sarah
    I have Deleted SG from my computer and will no longer be playing this game.
    Just want to thank you for being kind and caring to me.
    hope you have a great time with Lame clan, they are very nice players.
    For the future i will be playing UT, and hope one day to meet you there!!!
    Kind regards

  21. Stone says:

    Dear Lame Clan
    I have to tell you i have struggled with the turn down of being in your clan. But i think rules are rules. i just hope when you brake them that your conscience is strong enough to make you full fill your rules and resign.
    when asked on an exam how many people brake the highway code rules on the road some said 20- 40 -70, but in fact 100% of people brake the highway code.
    you have a code lets hope you never ever brake that code!!
    thank you for putting up with me.
    kind regards
    Sarah you are and always will be my friendXX

  22. Eskizofrenia says:

    ok its done!! i do it!! need a medal XDDD, was a problem with keyboard leanguaje, it changes when i open a game , but now its ok , thanks all for your help! u can delete conversation XD.


  23. JippiJaYeah says:

    Better you edit the q3config. file.

  24. Eskizofrenia says:

    ye i got it fist time , mi problem is i cant do this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^on game XD

  25. Eskizofrenia says:

    i cant do ^ this on smoking guns :C can u help me? maybe some specific comand to do or something

    • Biondo says:

      OMG, open SG settings … go to “Player”… enter a caret (^) followed by a number (for pink colour, the number is 6) … type “Eskizofrenia ” … DONE!

      Example: open SG settings … go to “Player”… delete your name … write exactly: “^6Eskizofrenia” but without quotes.

      For white colour the code to enter is “^7”.

      Hope you got it.

  26. Eskizofrenia says:

    thanks! im sorry for didnt look first on FAQ XD, ill try to change then i come to say its done and u can delete.

  27. JesseJames says:

    you can find it under: commands en config and then FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions. Their is a question how can I change my name in a coloured name.

  28. Eskizofrenia says:

    answer no , i mean question* lol

  29. Eskizofrenia says:

    Hello, (when you read the message you can delete i have a question)

    I want to make mi name with pink colour and white , i dont know where i have to answer that, XD but i know u can delete message so, if u can help me then delete will be great!


  30. Alex says:

    Hi *Lame* clan!
    In Smokin’Guns my name is : .I. PiStoLeRo0 .I.
    I want to join *Lame* clan!
    Please tell me what do you want for a Player in this Clan.
    Right simply because a dont know the English language very good.(Sent me an E-mail)
    Im was born in 1997
    Im from Greece
    My favourite Guns are:
    Shawed off Shotgun
    All the Double Pistols
    Sharps Rifle
    I play SG about 10 hours per week(because I have school :D)(Some days I dont play but I try to play in my free time :))
    I dont know if I am a good player…this will be judjed by you 🙂
    I post a comment because I dont know how to wright an e-mail..
    I tried it but…I dont know 🙁
    And also,I dont know if I am playing the Weekly DM or TDM you organize,that I read somewhere.
    Wright me an E-mail(PanathinaikosCrete13 [at] gmail [dot] com) to know further information about me!

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