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Update on Greenhill Lake carnage

If you thought that what happened at Greenhill Lake on Thursday wasn’t strange enough, surely you will be shocked to hear the latest news about it.
The tenth man is not missing any more. The Police’s helicopters have discovered him, swimming over the trees, in a catatonic state.
He was found to be the one named Biondo. Questioned by the Police a few hours after the finding, Biondo claimed that, while in the middle of shooting, he was captured by The Big Wave, and instead of surfing he erroneously started to swim. He added that he wasn’t able to reach the ground again until the moment when he was rescued by the policemen, three days later.
Biondo will have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, county court has ruled. The need for an evaluation has been triggered by widespread criticism of his story.

Here is an excerpt from the Police’s video footage taken from an helicopter.

Credits: SG News Broadcasting.

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