1. * LAME * ZaPaTa: Clan Founder (Read the interview with ZaPaTa )
  2. * LAME * JesseJames: Recruitment
  3. * LAME * Mope: Another El Pistolero (Read the interview with Mope )
  4. * LAME * SAPE: the Beast (Read the interview with SAPE )
  5. * LAME * Sarah
  6. * LAME * Vincent
  7. * LAME * Trinita
  8. * LAME * Wiskey


Former Members

  2. Biondo (theGhost) † † (Read the interview with Biondo )
  3. J ippie J a Y eah (theShadowFighter)
  4. S lowly J ohn alias V ic D orn
  5. GREYMAN †
  6. Desconhecido †
  7. TheBishop †

48 Responses to “Members”

  1. JesseJames says:

    indeed longt time ago that I saw Vincent in game or on the site.

  2. JippiJaYeah says:

    Is Vincent even still a lame member?
    Don’t see him as lame, when he played.

  3. JippiJaYeah says:

    Yes, i edit this member page, and yes, the pics are coffins, one for REM and two for Biondo, because he has left us twice.

    Scusa, for mess writing, i have a new keyboard.

    @Mope: If you will, you can edit or find a new better pic for a coffin.

  4. JesseJames says:

    Ah ok now I see it 🙂
    Tnx stranger to edit our page! 🙂

    • Mope says:

      As I said, I didn’t edit this page. Probably Jippi did.But I’ll fix the icon if he permits.

  5. Mope says:

    These are coffins, scaled down, try to look at them in full size. Whoever did this, please consider, that pixel-art graphics cannot be scaled – they become blurry.

  6. JesseJames says:

    Nice Biondo? That you made a list with the old members. But what means the stones next to your name? 🙂

    • Biondo says:

      No, I didn’t. And they don’t look like stones in my monitor, but like turds. :/
      BTW, his name wasn’t Remsletraud, but REMSLETRUAND, and “Fromer” is better written “Former” 😀
      Thank you anyway, to the *LAME* member that have added this memory. <3

    • Biondo says:

      Don’t take me seriously, unknown editor … I appreciated your intentions. And moreover you made me laugh, so I’m grateful 2 times. I love you.

  7. JippiJaYeah says:

    Yeaha, what a list, we got all the nice members. 🙂

  8. wuhu 🙂

    although i am still wondering what went wrong(?).

    nice to hear good news,
    cya all ingame,

    best regards,


    • Biondo says:

      🙂 Magician, read my comment, it says all.
      Thanks to you, but there is nothing to be investigated.

  9. bah, i don’t think so. well, i don’t know you that well, but i know you’re always friendly + i always saw you’re doing a good job for the team and were a perfect match for them. maybe you like to give me an explanation a little more detailed – if you like to; i am curious all the time 🙂

  10. Biondo says:

    Just because of my bad character, Magician. I’m a lone wolf.

  11. why did biondo leave 😕

    he was doing a great job and seemed to fit your team 🙁

  12. Wiskey says:

    Biondo, I had funny to play with your. I am sorry that you left our clan.

  13. JesseJames says:

    Indeed the wrong smiley :(.
    Sorry for the misunderstandings. Normally I typed this smiley 🙁 never on this server, it is the first I think and I hope the last.

  14. JippiJaYeah says:

    Where’s the “I don’t like button”? 🙁

  15. SAPE says:

    Jesse, I think you miss the type of smilei 🙁

  16. JesseJames says:

    Ok biondo you left officialy our memberpage 🙁

  17. JesseJames says:

    Indeed welcome Wiskey
    lol@the picture of JJY

  18. JippiJaYeah says:

    Love the idea, SAPE. 🙂
    theReaper is called in german = der Sensemann


  19. SAPE says:

    I suugest a new nickname to Jippi. He is play very good with peacemakers, but he is the best with knifes: Jippi, the reaper. 🙂
    What is your opinion, Jippi?

  20. Biondo says:

    Hi Wiskey! Have fun and don’t fear to write in this blog. Some directions for your life in *LAME*’s site here:

    Meet you in game!


  21. ZaPaTa says:

    Welcome Wiskey! Hope to catch up with you on our site too.

  22. Mope says:


  23. GREYMAN says:

    Welcome Wiskey!

  24. SAPE says:

    Welcome Wiskey!

  25. JippiJaYeah says:

    Wiskey is now a new member of *lame*.

    Welcome Wiskey!

  26. JesseJames says:

    Hi Rosi, I think you are in another clan named GUNS! and we don’t take players who have another clan then the lameclan.
    It’s a pity but we need players who are very ‘into’ lame. We need players we can trust.

  27. Rosi says:

    Hi Lame’s i want to join *LAME* just for Baller- and Specialbude i hope that i can join! 🙂

  28. JesseJames says:

    If you will have a nickname you can say it here 🙂

  29. Sape says:

    Thanx the welcoming. 🙂

    Your friends:

    Sape and Greyman

  30. Mope says:

    Welcome, indeed! Happy to see you here and *LAME*!

  31. Biondo says:

    A big welcome to SAPE and GREYMAN!

  32. Biondo says:

    Thank You BoSS!

  33. BoSS says:

    Nice clan and nice members.Hope you the Best. 🙂

  34. Biondo says:

    Ah ah, Doppel you’re always dreaming of cars!
    Thank you, anyway.

  35. Doppelkupplungsgetriebe says:

    Nice new theme guys! I suspect that main culprit for this is Biondo. Congratulations man, for one more great Italian design. BTW, have you ever thought of joining Pininfarina or Bertone?! 😛 See you in game! 🙂

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