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  1. Mark Stevens says:

    Howdy from 2016! I think I found Smokin’ Guns too late… sort of dead? I can’t even register in the forum!
    Your Pal, Mark
    Fort Worth, TX

  2. Doc Halliday says:


  3. Trinita says:

    hello…i discovery another site of cla Lame…..………………….what is this?

    • JesseJames says:

      Hey Trinita, that was our former site, in the beginning of Lameclan 4years ago or something 🙂

  4. JesseJames says:

    Hey guys it’s good to see you all back, i have now more time to play so i’am happy. 😀 hope to see you all in game.

    Btw who have interest in the new tournament? I think Wiskey and mope have interest?

  5. Trinita says:

    well, there is a situation when players decide to play as a team, like brothers, they go hand in hand, I think is not correct, why withdraw the request I wrote here …………. …………… these staff likes to play that way is wrong ……………………. ………

  6. Trinita says:

    I agree………………

  7. Trinita says:

    hello friends, 2 friends liked to join our clan, they are Alex Zone and Lovetardiano and they asked if they could join? they talk to me. they expect your answer .. ok…….hugs

    • Mope says:

      Lovetardiano seems like a nice player, as to AlexZone I can’t say much about him. I would rather observe them for some time before taking decisions.

  8. trinita says:

    am new in your clan, my name is trinita. I chose this name because it is one of my characters perferidas of western movies, and because who represented him, was great working with Terence Hill and Bud Spencer. do you remenber of them? ………… a hug … and good shots.

  9. Kontekst says:

    hey guys, just played my first round of this game, and i chose your server. awesome, i don’t saw anything like that in Call of Duty, the players are friendly and nobody is hacking.

    keep it up like that, you just got a new local on your server. 😉

    • Biondo says:

      Hi LAMEs, you should frame Kontekst message and hung it to your wall. It’s also your merit if we can enjoy a game. Thanks to you all, LAMEs.

      Kontekst, LAMEs have well known sports rules, and BallerBude (though it’s not a server hosted by LAME clan) has its own sports rules by @spi (the owner of the server and a good friend) and a nice anti-cheat system developed by TheDoctor (a wonderful admin and developer).

      Welcome on board and enjoy a game purified from trolls, for a maximum gaming pleasure.

    • JesseJames says:

      Hey Kontest hope you have a good time with us.
      LAME is a clan and we all play on BB. I hope we see you often and we meet eachother there. It’s a server were you can’t cheat or insult and that is nice.

  10. Fast_Romko says:


    Perhaps some old west gamers will be interested in true wild west board game “BANG!” 🙂

    Just have played this one in company of freinds. Lots of fun!

    • JippiJaYeah says:

      Thank you Romko for the hint. I like these little kind of game card play.

      • ZaPaTa says:

        It’s a nice game, but a little more challenging, I personally think, is ; Revolver. It comes in two basic boxes (revolver 1 & 2, both separately playable) with some expansions. Game is for two players only and takes up to about 30min-45min.

        • Fast_Romko says:

          Thanks for your replies guys 🙂
          I have both Revolver 1&2 (and both expansions to 1 part ). Great game, great quality, great scenario. BUT main disadvantage of these games – they are all only for two players.

          • JesseJames says:

            yeah but it’s cool that it’s a game for 2 players because the most games are not for 2 players.
            But revolver is one of that great cowboy games!

          • Fast_Romko says:

            Have to agree with you James 🙂 In case of Revolver disadvantage turns into advantage 🙂 And Revolver games very nice in grafic and design.

            If someone knows any other cowboy board games, please, give me a hint.

          • ZaPaTa says:

            Sure, have a look for some more here. Few I know in it: Oregon, Anazi, Cowboys: way of the gun. There are a lot more, a friend of mine got a couple games for more than two players, some of them themed around the gold rush, or village settlement. Just can’t find the *freaking*name right now. Irritating 😀
            Also, one of my favorite publishers, GMT, announced the release (april 2013, i believe) of ‘Navajo Wars” a SOLITAIRE wargame, in a western theme. O joy!

          • Fast_Romko says:

            Thanks a lot, ZaPaTa!

    • Sam says:

      Hey can you get that western board game in the US? I’d like to see it on

  11. ricochet says:

    Yo lameos!

    Since you have moved your weekly rumble to CN and (as i observed) you’d like to play some rounds of DM too, i gave the rcon of CN to Desco.

    Feel free to use it at will on Thursdays between 8.00 and 12.00 pm CET – you own the server for that time. If you like, i can tweak the config a bit, so you can switch to a DM cycle and back to a TDM cycle with one command.

    Connect to #jeuxlinux or #wr.clan on quakenet if you have any questions.


  12. TheBishop says:

    Speaking of ghostbooks maybe it’s time to rename Biondo to another wise and artistic italian, Prospero 🙂

  13. Biondo says:

    Oops, sorry. I was searching for the ghostbook.

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