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Merry Xmas *LAME*

I remembered we had a vivid topic last year on Christmas. Bit early, but in Belgium we also celebrate the 24th of December a little, with family, presents and nice food.
For those who celebrate, I wish you a nice Christmas 2012, for those who don’t celebrate, I wish you a nice New Year’s eve.

santa on holiday
Since we’re with so many nationalities, It’s nice to know what you’re up to tonight/Tomorrow? How you’re celebrating in your country? Is Santa of any importance there? (In Belgium, he isn’t. We celebrate Dec. 6th, with Saint Nicolas, a Santa-like figure who brings children presents)

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Goodbye, nice clan

I don’t find the right words to thank you all, personally one by one. So …

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Looking at my BallerBude stats, I’ve just discovered a new weapon. It’s named “18”!

(Click on image for full size).

Look at the last row … as you can see, I used it only one time, and just to kill myself  🙂

The total number of suicides committed by way of “18” by different players, is 2050. I suppose there are better ways to die!

Another strange thing is that “Teamswitch Suicide Penalty”. What is it in a pure DM server?

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Thurdays give us our weekly rhythm

We have a new official master server, we have a brand new site, we have an unofficial SG 1.1 Beta5 that looks like an official SG 1.1, we have new maps and a resurgent community. What should we ask more?
A Thursday *LAME* Clan’s Deathmatch!
Thurdays give us our weekly rhythm.

[Original image].

Everyone is welcome (not only *LAME*s!) Vote for maps in comments!

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Intermission: Waiting for a new SG forum

Tomorrow it will be Thursday, the day dedicated to *LAME* clan deathmatch! Please, vote for maps in comments.

And while you –like me– are anxiously waiting to see the new SG forum, here’s a nice pastime for you. You can solve it directly writing into the grid, one letter at a time, or you can print the PDF.
It’s so easy to solve, also for lame gunslingers! Anyway new players will probably find a useful help here and here.

If you solve the crossword take a screenshot and send it to me: sg.biondo [at] gmail [dot] com. Maybe you’ll be the winner.


1. A greeting by those who leave
2. The Lame Beast
6. Glorious US server (R.I.P.)
8. The game in two letters
11. BallerBude stats are based on them
14. The well known NeCKersoN
17. Sits on a roof and waits, waits, waits
18. The “not so coloured” Lame
20. What guns are doing
22. Lames’ favourite server
23. Sure not a pro
26. His ping is zero, his brain is null
30. A running map
31. Bankers do business here
33. The gunslinger’s cocktail
35. See you
37. What specs are
40. The Lame Reaper
42. The Clan Founder
43. Witty, humorous, nonsense and … Lame poem
46. Where Winchesters resound
47. At the end of the game
48. Depressed and Lame
1. Default “buy” key
3. The lower it is, the better it is
4. The mother of Smokin’ Guns
5. The land of fun new maps
7. Alcoholic and Lame
9. Ugliest weapon
10. Team Deathmatch
12. What lagometer measures
13. Best clan ever 😉
15. The command to record a demo
16. The slowest Lame
17. The command to dump console content to file
19. Default “use scope” key
20. “Just you and your …”
21. Laughing out loud
24. A pink Lame
25. Joe Kari’s fort
26. Coyote’s one is famed
27. Bank Robbery
28. The command to load a demo
29. The Lame recruiter
32. For a pro it’s a peace maker
34. Most played map in Lame’s Thursdays
36. The command to automate keys behaviour
38. Default “use” key
39. Default “jump” key
41. The Lady in the Clan
44. Default “reload” key
45. The extension of your configuration
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