Biondo’s revolver

The Lemat revolver is contemporary of the Remington 1858, its knowledge and working principles are the same too. It was invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans in 1855. It was used by the Confederate Forces during the Civil War.

Why did I call it Biondo’s revolver? Look at this:

It is a “44” single action revolver and a “16” shotgun, 2 in 1. The cylinder comprehends 8 bullets as a revolver (so it isn’t a six-shooter, it is an eight-shooter), and in the centre of the cylinder, there is a “16” gauge shotgun cartridge. Beyond that, this weapon is a nice one too.

I think if somebody, for example Donut, wants to make a new SG weapon, this one would be a good choice. It is a unique, it makes the game more laced. It would be the best choice for cowboys that use a dual revolver and sawed-off shotgun “mix”, like Biondo does, or I do.

11 Responses to “Biondo’s revolver”

  1. JesseJames says:

    Wow what a collection, 30-40 knifes is impressive.

  2. Mope says:

    Sape… wow! Planning your own mini-revolution? Surely, you’re well-prepared for post-nuclear war harsh world. Do you have also a faithful dog partner, and a motorcycle? Thanx for informative and interesting post.

  3. SAPE says:

    Jesse, there’s a shotgun, two old single-shot pistol, my own revolver, two swords, a World War II bayonet and 30-40 types of knives.

  4. JesseJames says:

    How many weapons you have in your home? Have you every gun of SG in real? 🙂 BTW:Nice colt 🙂

  5. SAPE says:

    Thanks for the appreciative words of praise. 🙂
    Zap, I do not plan to change the topic name.

  6. ZaPaTa says:

    I propose we dedicated this page to Biondo, and leave the topic name as it is.

  7. GREYMAN says:

    Nice Sape! It is really Biondo’s gun, but it is your gun too. 🙂

  8. JesseJames says:

    Wow again very well explained, and very accurate. Great work sape

  9. Biondo says:

    Very fun, Sape! It’s definitely my gun 😉

    If it will be made available in SG, primary fire could shoot as a Colt and secondary one as a Sawed-Off shotgun. The price should be expensive though (maybe as a Colt + a Sawed-Off).

    Sure 2 Colts in akimbo mode + 1 Sawed-Off as secondary weapon, would still be more dangerous.

    It’s curious that someone else have had the same idea, modelling a Lemat revolver for 3D games:

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