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Ugly Thursday

I have an indecent proposal for our Thursday clan deathmatch of tonight: a game in TheUgly style. That exactly means “dyna only”, not “insults only”. 😉

The reason behind this is that I want to obtain a client crash in Terra Nova to debug SG beta’s random crashes.

Since it seems that crashes occur more frequently in crowded games, I tried adding a lot of bots to the map, but without being able to produce a crash. I’m starting to think that crashes occurs in crowded games, but only when someone is using dynamite. This is plausible since dynamite had a similar bug in past times.

I think you understand my proposal now: I need many players, using dyna. Possibly in a not so big map (Tijuana should fit very well the purpose).

Do yo agree to help me in crashing my client?

The second game of the deathmatch might be another Winnies’ fight in Greenhill Lake, or something totally different in another map.

In the meanwhile have fun with this 2 minutes short … “Ugly Thursday”!

Music by: Kevin MacLeod (

Sounds by: Benboncan, Erdie, Nikolino, Robinhood76, Syna-Max, davidou, fonogeno, joedeshon, juskiddink, klankbeeld, schademans, shawshank73, simon.rue, (

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Choose your weapon!

Just a reminder of all SG weapons features. Based on Smokin’ Guns manual.

(Click on image for full size. 1440×900 px).

2560×1600 px version.

More informations about SG weapons:

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You need a new Peacemaker? Try this one…

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