Sawed-Off Shotgun

I’m famous for using Sawed-Off a lot, and with success. So this is my advice: with Sawed-Off Shotgun always shoot both barrels (Secondary Fire: Double shot). This way you double the chances to kill immediately the enemy, also at a medium distance. Sawed-Off reloads is fast.



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  1. Biondo says:

    RADIOHEAD – Open Pick. Nice 🙂

    Thanks Magician for visiting our blog and commenting. Always nice to meet you.

    (and … every Lame member is informed when a new comment is posted).

  2. Dike aka Magician says:

    hu, really off-topic (feel free to erase this comment later), just stumbled upon this ‘old’ stuff; anyway, let’s share some music here:

    spot the song (not western based) according to the lyrics below, check it out on YT, enjoy 🙂

    “I never really got there
    I just pretended that I had
    What’s the point of instruments
    Words are a sawed off shotgun”

    (the last line actually is the only link between this blog and the song ;D)

    (P.S.: dunno who will get informed of a new post HERE)

  3. Biondo says:

    You are right, Serbia. Totally agree.

  4. SERBIA says:

    And I have same think. Sawed-Off Shotgun is best in Hang Em’ High and inside buildings in Tilian Farm. But, I prefer Remington 12 Gauge as my shotgun. Why? Deference between Remington 12 Gauge and Sawed Off Shotgun is like between Colt Peacemaker and Smith and Wesson Schofield. Remington 12 Gauge has a bigger range and do more damage, but Sawed Off Shotgun has a faster reload, so it’s better for games that most of players are in buildings.

  5. JesseJames says:

    I love the sawed of shotgun, very hard weapon and you can kill people very fast, it is a good weapon when you are in a map with a lot of buildings. With one reflex and he dies 🙂

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