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Spring is coming?

Now it’s in Belgium 0 degrees on this moment, hooray brave yourself spring is coming… So we can’t do other things then hunt for a bounty!

So let’s come to Circus Novus @ 20u30 (+1 GMT), pick up your weapons and fight!
HOpe the best player will win.

Kind regards

Jesse James

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Howdy cowboys,
for those who are behind their computers or email, you’ll now get an email for this post 🙂
It’s LAMEmatch rrrrright now in Circus Novus.
Hope to catch you there!

rusty Zapa

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Weekly DM @ the frontier of SG.


Can’t enter the district of Circus Novus without your gun, sorry sir!

Who’s in for another round of pure madness at the wild *LAME* frontier? Our little meeting there involves a heap load of bullets, the finest blood of our teammates and some nice yet violent siteseeing. Don’t forget to put some whiskey in your backpack.

Usual hour 8:30PM GMT+1 @CIRCUS NOVUS
A couple of TDM, a couple of DM? I promise I’ll play longer than last week. And with even more fire!
(remember, this is our new playground, too bad TN is down 🙁 – meet you all there)

Artwork is by Colin Hesterly, check out this fun site:

Been Everywhere

    . It features some other nice Western-looking states too.
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It’s that time again!

You don’t mess with *LAME*.

So the boys (and girl) need some practice. Who’s in for a clanmatch tonight?
I propose one DM-game, followed by one or more TDM (like I proposed in a former post: if we are with four, we play in two teams. If we are with more, we play a game and teams switches for the second game.)
Who’s there 8:30 in Terra Nova!?





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Hi Kids,

I would like to know of all of you your opinion about a temporary ‘holiday’ for the clan. With a lot of us on holidays, or just outdoors, I believe it’s a bit redundant to organise ‘official’ clanwars. (even with our own members). Personaly I won’t be much behind my computer, so I can’t catch up with topics or play enough to stay in good shape.

I also believe we ‘closed our doors’ last year too in the summer. So I ask your opinion about a TEMPORARY ‘cool-down’ period on the side and on our clan-evenings for the months July & August.

Who got any travelplans btw?

Cheers, Zapa

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