Gatling Gun

One of the most hated weapons, which always causes a panic and complete disbalance in the game. Lethal, and extremely expensive, it can turn even an inexperienced player into ruthless killer-machine.

The greatest weak point of this weapon is it’s immobility which means, that after your first shot, there will be a bunch of players hunting for your miserable life. So I never stay long near the Gatling, just couple of kills and quick withdraw. Than it becomes a bait for all those devious players, who seek to gain some easy points. (Better leave it without ammo!)
Gatling also has this funny bug: sometimes, if you get on top of it (when spawning, or just getting off it in a problematic location, you get stuck, spitted on it, like a shish-kebab, and nothing can help, only “Join – Viewers”.
Choosing a location is a key to success here: I think, the ideal locations for deploying the Gatling are corners of the map, with wide-open view field. When shooting a Gatling there’s a trick I learned in my military service – it’s called “sewing target”, means you can make small corrections while continuous shooting.

And a traditional lamerick for the conclusion:

Mr.Gatling, he had an obsession,
Dream of rusty machine-gun possession
Never spent a single dime
Suddenly run-out of time
Round’s over to his deep depression!

6 Responses to “Gatling Gun”

  1. Desconhecido says:

    very gatling guns there . i like gatling but if had more municion . everyone would use it

  2. Biondo says:

    Totally Unuseful Ways of using Gatlings.
    Sleeping in my PC I found these recordings that me and SNH made long time ago, when Baller was almost desert an you had all the time to collect money and buy Gatlings. I post them here just for your fun.

  3. ZaPaTa says:

    I love to read about the dedication of Doc…really wonderful to read about the efforts he put in it to keep BB clean…I love it.

  4. Mope says:

    What have you done, Biondo! I was so naive and innocent before I watched this… The game will never be the same again for me!

  5. Mope says:

    Very useful comment, Biondo. Didn’t know about “/kil” command. Also attaching/detaching Gatling has it’s time penalty, you’re very vulnerable when you do that.
    Killing Gattling campers is a real pleasure! What’s that multiplication? Never heard about it. It has to do something with building Gatling towers?

    And, oh, do whatever you like with the Weapons posts… There is really nothing secret about them…

    The source of the picture is WikiMedia, unedited, I’m so lazy! The model in game has no external casing for barrels, and has tripod instead of wheels. But it looks pretty similar. Especially i love that hand crank, which gives the Gatling
    resemblance to meat grinder.


  6. Biondo says:

    Ah ah, nice post Mope! I like your writing style, really professional and still fun. And congrats for the lamerick (I should institute a category ad hoc now).

    Please all, can I make this page and kives page public? I mean can I copy them in the blog (as public posts, together with all their comments, or without?) Please, I need an answer from all of you.

    Nice image too… not the same Gatling gun model depicted in SG, I think, but nice anyhow (maybe, Mope, it could be interesting to add a reference to the original source, if this doesn’t mean to reveal a Mope’s secret).

    About Gatlings, some additions to the post:

    – of course you’re not totally fixed with a Gatling, you can still detach it and re-assemble it elsewhere in the map, that is what most experienced players do when they find one.

    – it works when you have a lot of players in the map, or when you’re playing against bots. I saw players buying a Gatling in a match with few players and falling asleep.

    – when you get stuck, you can also kill yourself (type “/kill” in console). This way you loose one point, but don’t loose all your money (at least in SG 1.0 when you spectate you loose your money, not sure if SG 1.1 behaves the same way).

    – there are many known Gatling’s bugs if you search in Internet. Probably the worst is Gatlings’ multiplication (not sure, but I think this was corrected in Ballerbude).

    – I love Gatlings, not because I use them, but because I love to clear the map from Gatling’s campers killing them — from distance and unseen — with a 2-colts-headshot 🙂

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