Clan rules

  • If you’ve never seen us before you didn’t play in the server BallerBude (or didn’t play SG). You find us most of the time in this server. Check the server site.
    Respect ^TheDoctor^ and @Spi plz.
  • We’re not thinking right now on clan wars and we treat every clan with respect!
  • We organize a weekly Deathmatch and a Team Deathmatch in which all members participate
  • Be online. Play regular on BallerBude and visit and post on this site.
  • If you join, we’ll give you some lessons if you need some.
  • We’re not that competitive we think everybody are cheaters.
  • So no aggressive or offensive language whatsoever. Remember, it’s a gentlemen’s Clan and we’re playing for fun and a nice score.
  • Only official way of writing your *LAME* name is by code in the Tab Player Name. Type this: ^1*^4LAME^1*^7YourName. Mind the capital letters.
  • This site is our main instrument to stay in touch with one another. Some members prefer also Jabber to stay in touch.

Have Fun!

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