Remington Model 1858

Remington Model 1858

It was the first weapon we knew when we started to play SG. It is the classical western firearm, a legend….

So, let’s see some information about this famous revolver.

It was a single action, six shot percussion revolver. It was made two calibres: 0.44 inch (Army model), 0.36 inch (Navy model).

There were three progressive models:

  • Remington-Beals Army and Navy
  • Remington 1861 Army and Navy
  • Remington new model Army and Navy

The three models are nearly the same in look and size. The hammers, loading levers and the cylinders are different.

Some information about the specification (Army model):

  • Weight: 2 lb, 13 oz (approximately 1,3 kg)
  • Length: 13,25 inch
  • Barrel length: 8 inch
  • Effective range sighted in at 75 yards

Cartridge: powder and ball, or paper cartridge with conical bullet.

Remington manufactured approximately 132.000 pieces of it.

Advantages of the Remington Model 1858:

  • Precision of shooting
  • Fast reloadable
  • Safety (the explosions were very rarely with this revolver. The cause of it, its fully closed frame over the cylinder)

Disadvantages of the Remington Model 1858:

  • it is sensitive to dirt
  • the construction’s durability was less than the contemporary Colt models
  • expensive (the cost of a Remington model 1858 and a reserve cylinder is the same as the cost of a pair of Colt Dragoon)

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15 Responses to “Remington Model 1858”

  1. SAPE says:

    Yes it is, Biondo. The most caracteristic part of this pistol is the loading lever. You can identify it easily.
    It is a rough replica. ( I am not see this film.)

  2. Biondo says:

    Is this a Remington 1858? Groucho Marx in “Go West” 🙂

    (Source: Filmizer.)

  3. SAPE says:

    This is a good video about the Remington model 1858.
    I hope you enjoy it.

  4. ZaPaTa says:

    We merge the pages now together? what do you think? ‘History of the Remington’ under SG Weapons?

  5. SAPE says:

    Thanx all the good comment. 🙂 I am very glad. I think I can write a text every weekend.

  6. Mope says:

    Agreed, Biondo. Nothing is secret in those “weapons” pages. Let’s make them public!

  7. ZaPaTa says:

    Very nice SAPE. can’t wait for the rest.
    Just a thought, but we should link the pages with the how- to -use these weapons IN GAME with the pages with historical detailed information, no?

    • Biondo says:

      Zapata, the problem is that “Weapons” in private area are private pages. If you want I make them all public (comments included) and I change the menus so that they appear in public area (this is what I proposed some times ago).

      I think that a private area has sense for us only in few cases (for instance when we have to decide if accepting a new member). The more we make this site public, the more visitors we have. The more visitors we have, the more fun and useful is the site. There is no real secret we can post here 🙂

  8. Mope says:

    SAPE, thanx for your comprehensive answer. Things become much more clear now. Even good weapons become obsolete, that’s sad.

  9. SAPE says:

    Hi Mope.
    I answer your question.
    The Remington Model 1858 was an percussion revolver. It worked with powder and ball, or paper cartridge with conical bullet. The Schofield (manufactured since 1870) and the Peacemaker (manufactured since 1873) worked with metal cartridge.
    So in the ages of Peacemaker, and Schofield, the Remington model 1858 was an old-fashioned revolver.
    The advantages and disadvantages were correlated to other revolvers, that worked the same technical parameters, for example the Colt Dragoon.
    Remington model 1858 was one of the best revolver on the ages of the American Civil War, the other two were designed more than ten years later.

  10. GREYMAN says:

    Mope, maybe Remmington is a black powder gun, scofield and peacemaker not.

  11. JesseJames says:

    Nice Sape, a lot of information.
    Oh BTW: yesterday they selled a colt.38 of AL CAPONE for 75000 Euro’s.

  12. Mope says:

    Please, proceed.

    Sape, according to your description Remington was a nice piece, so why in SG it’s a worst weapon?

  13. GREYMAN says:

    Nice Sape!

  14. Biondo says:

    Nice page, Sape! Quite informative.
    I can’t wait for the next weapon!

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