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New season – *LAME* clan DM

Howdy Lames!

Wake up my friends. Time to play some matches again.

Date: 19/09/2013 (Thursday)
Time: 19:30 20:30
Place: BB server

And there is some “teaser” for you. It is a littlebit much more energetic than the old ones.

And special thanks to Trinita, our newest member. He is the most active member of our clan nowadays, he represent our clan on BB server, he keep alive the “LAME Spirit”.

It is for you Trinita:

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Jippie the Wizard

“Hi, Lames.

The always incredible and fun JippieYaYeah was caught while juggling in Canyon. I asked him to make a short video and here it is:”

Fun! 😀

Source: Boilerplate/Biondo

Page by SAPE

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New Career Opportunity

Howdy, friends! I think I’ve found a new career opportunity that can suit some of your remarkable skills, no doubt!

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Call to Arms


Howdy Brothers and Sister!

One of our friend left the *LAME* clan. It is a heart-broken moment. I want to ask something to you:

LAMEs, next Thursday I will waiting for you in BB. Come as early time, as possible (I will be there at 18:00-19:00, and I want to stay at midnight), and stay as lately time as possible, so play as much as possible. I will be there. I want to dedicated it to Biondo.

Legends never die.

CALL TO ARMS my friends!

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Looking at my BallerBude stats, I’ve just discovered a new weapon. It’s named “18”!

(Click on image for full size).

Look at the last row … as you can see, I used it only one time, and just to kill myself  🙂

The total number of suicides committed by way of “18” by different players, is 2050. I suppose there are better ways to die!

Another strange thing is that “Teamswitch Suicide Penalty”. What is it in a pure DM server?

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