Interview with *LAME*Sape

Here comes the turn of another clan member, Sape, to give us his interview. I’ve left some of Zapata’s questions, and the whole form, it will be nice to compare answers of  the clan members.

Here’s a personal object, Sape has picked up for us:

Sape's buckle

“A picture of my favorite bow. It is a traditional Hungarian bow. ”


SG related:

Q: “Sape”: Tell me about your nick.
A: I have two nicks, you know. I think you know the story of “The Beast”.
Lets see the story of the  “SAPE” nick. This is an acronym of my real name. I started to use it when I played online poker. The poker was my passion in the past. I gave up it maybe one year ago. Anyway, I had another nick when I played “Texas hold ‘em” – Marlboro Man. 🙂

Q:  How do you know SG?
A: I found this game in a “softwarebase” of a Hungarian website. There are lots of freeware and demo software, and I started to play it on Paladin server at the beginnings. Later I offered it my best friend, Greyman, and we started to play on Baller, because it is a European server, and our ping were much more better. Somewhat later I met some LAME player…… You know the continuation…… 🙂

Q: So you are not conservative in yuor game-tastes, I understand? Do you like to try new games? Any suggestions of any genre you’ve tried lately?
A: Yep. I tried many game manly in the past. Not just FPS games. Some years ago I was a big Diablo II. fun. It is a RPG game, you know. Sometimes I play with it. It is nostalgic.
I played MOHAA very often in the past. It was my favorite FPS game before I know SG.
About new game: well, I have an old PC, so my options are limited.

Q: What do you like/dislike on the idea of a clan?
A: Before I joined our clan I have never been a clan member. I played some FPS game (MOHAA, Battlefield series, Wolfeinstein etc.). All I can say that I love this clan and all members of this, you are my friends.

Q: Why SG? There are so many other multi-player games?
A: Because the western theme, of course. I am a cowboy, you know. I like the mood of SG. In this game there aren’t any full-auto weapon, so the skill, you knowledge is much more important, than “modern” fps games.

Q: Where did you get that love for the theme of Smoking Guns?
A: It was love at first sight. 😀

Q:  You’ve made a remarkable achievements in your skills improvement lately. What tips can you give to those, who’s progress is slower?
A: The recipe is simple: practice, practice and practice. In truth I had many fps experience before I started to play SG.

Q:  Do you think we must rearrange the weekly DM?
A: I don’t think so. It is fun every time. I don’t know exactly what you mean about it.

Q: I just have a feeling that some of clan members begin to loose their interest in those weekly DM matches. How do you think we can improve those matches, involve members to participate in them? Maybe some ideas of reward/earning points improvement?
A: Ok, I understand. Maybe we would make some special clan DM. Maybe we would try it in Special Bude. It would be fun I think.

Q: We have weak connections to other clans. They have contacted us in the past, asked to try BR. What’s your opinion?
A: Most of the clans are BR specialist. Our clan is a DM clan. We are DM centric and I think it is inevitable, because our members are older players, so we haven’t much more free time to practice teamwork. The TDM and mainly the BR need lots of practice in team.

Q:  Gaming in general. Does it affect your life? Are you considering yourself a game-addict?
A: I spend many time in SG, but I don’t think I am a game-addict. It is a good and fun freetime activity for me.


Personal aspects

Q:  Tell me about your town, the region, some interesting geographical/historical facts?
A: I live in Hungary, you know. My home-place is part of a region called “Zselic”. The 38% of the region is forest. It is a hilly area. The agriculture and the forestry is very important parts of the economy. I can’t imagine my life outside this area.

Q: Western style. You are one of the whole-into-western people I know.
A: Yep. Casual I wear jeans, cowboy boots and western buckle. I have a leather cowboy hat for rainy days. 🙂

Q: Country music. Can you make some order for me in styles/genres in it? Where this love of country music comes from?
A: When I was young, I listen rock music. In my ‘20, I preferred blues and south rock, and finally I became country music. Some people say it is a depressive style, but for me it is rather reassuring. I like this feeling.

Q: Firearms. You know a lot about them, what are your sources?
A: I have many books in this topic. And of course the net is inexhaustible source.

Q: You told once you have a collection. Wanna share some visual with us? Some favorites? How did you begin collecting?
A: The base of my collection are the cold weapons, some sword and more than 40 knifes. My grandfather was a hunter. When he gave up it, he gave me his hunter knife. It is a Swedish blade made in the early twentieth century. It was my first knife. This is the origin of my collection.

Q: Arching. I understand, you’re into arching. Tell us about it. Maybe some photos of the bow? Explanation and tips about technique?
A: I started it 7 years ago. At he beginning I used a weak, “student” bow. After it I bought a traditional reflex bow, but it isn’t fitted my hand. I sold and I bought a bow that I use it nowadays. It is a traditional Hungarian bow.
I am not a member of any archer club. I arching by myself or with my friend, Grey.

Q: Animals. You love them and you know a lot about them. Tell us about your dog, what’s his name? Is it trained? Skilled?
A: Yep. I have a dog. Her name is Nina. She is a mixed-blood dog. I found her near my home-place.  Her ancestors were hunting dogs. She knows the basics, but nothing special. She is very obedient.

Q: I’ve got feeling you’re close to nature? You know about forest and wild life. Is it one of your personal interests?
A: My grandfather was hunter, and I am agricultural engineer. Yep, I am close to nature. I often take a trip in the forest and make photos.

Q: Leisure time? How do you spend your own free time? Where do you like to go with your friends?
A: You know, I often play SG, mainly in the evenings. At the weekend, I go to the nature with my dog, or do some workout, i go to a Gym, or I training with my kettle-bell. The kettle-bell or girya (Russian: Ги́ря) is a traditional Russian training equipment.



Q: Hungarian culture is so unique and seems exotic to foreigner. How do you explain the phenomena?
A: Yep, I think you all right. Hungarian culture is something special. There are two theories of the Hungarians origin. The first, maybe we called it the official. the Finno-Ugric theory. I think it is incorrect. The other is the Scythian-Hunnish-Hungarian theory. I think it is the correct. This theory elucidate our unique culture.

Q: Hungarian language. It’s so different from all the other European languages, do you feel any sort of communication barrier because of language differences?
A: Very small part of the foreigner can speak my language. It is special and difficult I think.

Q: Are there some integration/communication  problems of Hungary with other European countries/nations?
A: The language knowledge of the Hungarians is not to good, particularly the elder generations. The younger generation, specially the teenagers English knowledge are much more better. The other notable foreign language is the German language. The hunter-tourism based of German hunters.

Q: One of every country specialities is it’s national food. What is obligatory for every foreign tourist to taste in Hungary? Any special recipes for Hungarian food or drinks that someone can try to prepare at home? Any specialities of your region?
A: I like to share the with you the recipes of  my  favorite Hungarian special foods

Goulash soup recipe
This is a spicy beef soup flavored with hot Hungarian paprika, chiles, and caraway seeds. You can use sweet paprika with the chiles to cut the heat a little.

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 35 minutes


  • 6 small dried red chiles such as Cayenne or Piquin
  • 5 Tablespoons hot Hungarian paprika
  • 1 cup flour
  • 1 pound cubed, boneless beef chuck
  • 2 Tablespoons bacon fat or oil
  • 1 medium onion, cut in thin slices
  • 1 large carrot, peeled and diced
  • 4 cups beef broth
  • 1 tablespoon fresh black pepper, coarsely ground
  • 3/4 teaspoon caraway seeds


Mix 4 tablespoons of the paprika with the flour. Add the beef, toss to coat, and shake off excess flour. Brown the beef cubes in the bacon fat, remove and drain.

Add the onions to the oil and saute until they are browned.

Place all the ingredients in a large pot or crockpot, bring to a boil, reduce the heat, and simmer until the vegetables and meat are very tender and start to fall apart. Add more water if necessary to thin to desired consistency.

Variation: Add diced potatoes and tomatoes that have been peeled and seeds removed for a heartier soup or stew.


And an easier one:

Noodles with cottage cheese

  • 1/2 recipe noodles (Egg noodles) or 1/2 lb. good Amish noodles from the store
  • 6 oz. cottage cheese, drained
  • 1/4 lb. bacon
  • 6 oz. sour cream

Preparation: Fry the bacon until crisp. Drain, crumble, and reserve.Boil the noodles for 15 minutes or so until done in salted water, and drain.Mix the noodles with the bacon drippings in the pan. Add the sour cream and the cottage cheese. Mix in the bacon, and serve.

Thank you very much for this interesting interview. The other clan members are invited to ask more questions here.

15 Responses to “Interview with *LAME*Sape”

  1. GREYMAN says:

    Very nice work SAPE&Mope!
    A perfect summary of Hungary and of course SAPE.
    GG! 🙂
    The dishes I recommend it to everyone. ( hungarian drinks too!)

  2. SAPE says:

    OK,OK Zap. Lots of questons. 🙂
    – MOHAA: Medal of Honor Allied Assault.
    – My work is consumer protection now, but my education is agricultural engineer.
    – Archery: Yep, it bring back to wild life, it is a meditative activity for me.
    – Yep, the paprika came from America. It appeared in Hungarian foods in the XIX. century, and became one of the most important spice.

    • Biondo says:

      About meditation: you surely have read the book “Zen in the Art of Archery” [I haven’t].

      About foods: also Italian cooking was totally changed by the introduction of American plants, think of tomato (pizza, pasta), potato, beans, corn (polenta) …

      • SAPE says:

        @Biondo: No, I haven’t read this book, but I know this type of archery.
        The difference between this style and my style: the “zen-archers” deepens themselves, I deepens the nature, I become part of the nature.
        The archery evolved 20.000 years ago.

        In this topic I suggest a very intresting book:

        Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope

        You can find it here:

        It is a very intresting reading.

  3. ZaPaTa says:

    SAPE, why is paprika and chilis so common in Hungarian food? I thought they came from America?

  4. ZaPaTa says:

    Wow! Nice work Mope & SAPE! But this just feels like this interview is just revealing the tips of the SAPE worlds and is raising more questions than answers 😀 first comment. I find the abbreviations a bit difficult. What’s MOHAA?

    Some straight forward questions there Mope, well done. But I feel the need to react a bit. Concerning other clans. I like people, sometimes they belong to a clan and sometimes they play alone. I don’t feel the need to compete against a group or a clan. I don’t like competition that much. Or as Biondo once said, this clan is not about rolling our muscles and show of our ‘power’.
    Concerning our weekly DM; I didn’t know people where losing their interest, but if so, that explains why most people leave after 2 matches. Maybe it’s a good idea to think about something we add. Like Special Bude. Or a TDM against another clan, if you like to meet other clans?
    Concerning the teamplay in BR, nice argument SAPE about the average age of the LAME’ers, I think it’s true but I never thought about it in that way.

    I also envy your environment. I believe you when you say you can’t imagine otherwise. But agricultural engineer? I thought you protected customers rights?
    Nice bow…Hmm arching sounds very very tempting. I believe I’ll try it some day too. Indeed, it bringt you back to wild life, isn’t?

    Cheers SAPE & Mope, hope to catch up with you soon on Jabber, once my personal internet and computer have arrived.

    • Biondo says:

      Zapata said: “… this interview is just revealing the tips of the SAPE worlds …”. I thought it was only my impression, I thought “it’s because I already talked with Sape in jabber about most part of his answers”, but no, you are right. In some ways this interview is not as revealing as Zapata/Mope one.

  5. Wiskey says:

    Hungary sounds exotic country.

  6. JesseJames says:

    Wow nice interview.
    BTW: your dog is cool, just like the landscape:),
    Ah goulash, my mother makes it a lot in the winter, but it’s not really the same of your recipe but it’s also very delicious.

  7. Mope says:

    I just wanted to say, that I’m buying today ingredients for the goulash.

    • SAPE says:

      Nice Mope! 🙂

      @Biondo: Indeed it is a fatty recipe. It is the reason of I like it. 😉

  8. Biondo says:

    The fascinating world of Sape! I feel some envy for your living environment and your style of life, Sape. Nice interview, Mope.

    • SAPE says:

      Thanx Biondo! Will you try to prepare some of the recipes?

      • Biondo says:

        Well, I know Goulash, and I had prepared it in past times (with original Hungarian paprika), it’s delicious.
        About your noodle recipe, hmm, I’m skeptical… It’s a sort of nonsense, too much fats; I think I know better noodle recipes in the domain of Mediterranean diet 🙂

  9. SAPE says:

    Thanx Mope 🙂

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