Love story

Thursday evening is approaching again. Keep ready for one more loving tribute to *Lame* Clan, to Terra Nova, to Smokin’ Guns.

Meeting Time: 21:00 (GMT+1). Vote for maps in comments.


Make love ❤❤❤ Don’t make deathmatches ✟✟✟

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22 Responses to “Love story”

  1. Wiskey says:

    Thanks Sape. It was good game. Mope, you are good player still.

  2. SAPE says:

    Nice games, thanx all.
    Great work Jippi and Jesse.
    Biondo, everybody has some bad day. Next Thursday you will win, I know.
    Wiskey, you become better and better.
    Mope, I know, if your connection was better, you could fight for the wining position.

  3. JesseJames says:

    I found it a real nice game, my pc works for the full 100 %, my new settings works good and so i’am happy with my scores. It was a pity that I don’t win the second game, but Jippi was too good :).
    Jippi you were very good. Mope had again problems with provider and again no points for he.
    And biondo was very good in game one, but in game 2 he needed a cigarette? 🙂

    Tnx all!

  4. GREYMAN says:

    GG all!
    Sorry, but i worked. I now get back home. 🙁
    Next time!

  5. Biondo says:

    Scores. Station, Ghosttown:

    Jippi, very good (as always). Jesse, a revelation, and more in his second match. Nice game. Sape, nice. Mope, fighting with his provider. Zapata and Greyman busy in real life. Wiskey improved is skills. Trolol (thanks Sape for this word) elsewhere. Biondo, tired 🙂

  6. JesseJames says:

    The santa fĂŠ express? :p

  7. SAPE says:

    It is a Long Black Train Biondo. 😉

  8. Biondo says:

    OK. Station & GhostTown.

    Found here:

  9. SAPE says:

    Alamo is out. I am laggy in Deadwood. Ghosttown is good choice, maybe Station would be a good one.

  10. JesseJames says:

    @biondo indeed Alamo lags on my pc…
    Maybe a new map like : station and an old like Ghosttown.

  11. *TheQuick* Zenior says:

    Lol It A Habit I Have And It Not he PC it me.

    And How About A Custom Map Somebody madE?

    • Biondo says:

      We Can Only Choose Maps That Are Already In Terra Nova Map Cycle. Also Nobody Of Us Is A Mapper.
      You’Ll Find New Maps In Any Case, But Be Sure To Play With SG 1.1b4 (The Beta Version) And To Allow Downloading (See:

      And…You Bet It! I’Ve Found The Key 🙂

  12. JippiJaYeah says:

    Ok Sape, then i take the Jupiter map, where no bullets will arrive me. 😉

    Your weight on other worlds:

  13. Biondo says:

    The problem with Alamo is that JesseJames’s PC lags in that map. So, no Alamo, please.

  14. I Think That Smallish Map, The Alamo I Think The First One On The Map List It Nice And Small And Lots Of Kill 😀


    • Biondo says:

      TheQuick, in my keyboard I have just a “Caps lock” key, where did you find that “Only-The-First-Letter-Of-Each-Word-Capitalized” key? 🙂

      • SAPE says:

        Maybe He Have A “QuickLock” Key…. 😀
        I suggest Alamo and Ghostown, if Jippi won’t be there. If Jippi will be there, I suggest Tijuana and Tijuana….. 😉

  15. ZaPaTa says:

    Have fun all! Nice graphic as usual Biondo

  16. Mope says:

    I’ll come in romantic mood, with roses, candies and bottle of Molotov. Than I’ll show you how hot is my passion to Lameclan.

    Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire

    Ghost Town and Deadwood

    • Biondo says:

      May I suggest a pair of appropriate Roses Cowboy Boots for the event, Mope?

      Or maybe these:

  17. Wiskey says:

    Deadwood and Alamo

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