Today, 30 January 2012, after 7 years of honoured service RAWHIDE will be put to sleep. You’ll find all details in SG forum.

[Source of original image: Westerns | The Movie title stills collection]

Probably *LAME* clan members haven’t played there many times, because of our bad ping, but for players from the americas, it has been a landmark along all these years. Some of us had a fun last game there yesterday night, with a bad ping and strong lags. As Mope said, we looked as small parasites on the back of a dying giant creature.

R.I.P RAWHIDE. Maybe someday you’ll resurge from your ashes.

Thanks to ReD NeCKersoN, The Hoss, Pardner, and all administrators for the dedication and the resources they had put on it.

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6 Responses to “R.I.P. RAWHIDE”

  1. Slowly John says:

    @Biondo: thx, nice link 🙂

  2. SAPE says:


  3. JesseJames says:

    Indeed thanks for running this server for years (7 years is a very long period for a server) and yes, I didn’t play a lot on the server because bad ping.

  4. Slowly John says:

    …it is pitty, but the run of things

    ::: R.I.P RAWHIDE :::

    @Biondo: nice grafic, – like a movie outro

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