The big big map of Smokin’Guns servers

Consider it as a present for *LAME* Clan members. It’s a desktop wallpaper (resolution: 1400×1050) and it’s an imaginary map of Smokin’Guns servers as seen through the eyes of Biondo.
Not all server are represented here, and not all depicted have the same relevance… it’s the limited and personal point of view of one player.
Can you give me more ideas to make it more informative, but particularly more fun? I’m opened to suggestions.

Now a bit of an explanation.

BallerBude Confederation.
“Confederation” because it had 2 sons “Speciabude” first, and “Terra Nova” next.
The gallows represents the strong sense of legality of Baller’ s administrators (BigBrotherBot, ^TheDoctor^’s anti-cheat system, recorded demos, blacklisted words). Many cheaters had been banned permanently here.
Swamps and Mountains are at opposite sides, with TheDoctor at the top and … Lame clan at the bottom 😉 (but with the honour of a Google Maps marker).

Is the hunting territory of Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, another great player and Baller admin. Doppeltown is a tribute to him (yes, there are 2 Doppeltowns, from a joke about the German word “Doppel”, in English: “double”.)

Terra Nova.
Have fun with the Beta release of SG. With a tribute to Donut and Lon for their fun SG 1.1b4 maps. Many others contributed maps (Pardner, Steve, Dago, …), but this land is too small for so many towns. Congratulations to them and to all beta-testers.

JeuxLinux Republic.
Homeland of Bank-Robbery game and a well administered server.

Indipendent Republic of Smokingans.Fr, Lannukka, The Waste Land.
Nothing to see and to say here, I don’t know them 🙁

War Territories.
It’s sg.wars (though probably there is an error here… it’s a son of JeuxLinux, not of

The Rogue Isle of Most Wanted.
A server administered and frequented by well known cheaters, banned elsewhere ( That’s it.

The Ocean of Bad Ping.
Really difficult playing in the West coast for us.

Another server of cheaters, but here cheating is explicitly allowed. Every one can type “god” or “give all” in console, to be immortal or to get all weapons at a time.

United States of Rawhide (Both Barrels).
Its admins (Pardner, TheHoss and Neckerson) are represented here (don’t ask me why the dot near Neckerson is ReD 😉 )

Gamers4Jesus Missions.
Well, if you don’t know why, have a look at their site:

You probably can’t read it if you don’t own a really crisp monitor, but it’s named “Nautica” … one of the best SG players (and a real cruise ship

[Drawn with Free software: Inkscape]

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10 Responses to “The big big map of Smokin’Guns servers”

  1. Nargajuna says:

    Nice work 🙂 Nargajunas Island xD
    RTP was never played… hope to get the TDM Server up again :/

  2. Biondo says:

    Thank you very much, Sun! Under the map thumbnail you find a link to download a 1680×1050 copy.

  3. Sunrise says:

    Amazing work Biondo, just amazing!
    I always was looking for a nice Sg related desktop background, now i found one ;D.
    If it won’t cause too much trouble for you, i would beg you
    to use a higher resolution(1680×1050(which is mine) or even higher), so that i could enjoy your awesome map in full size.
    Greetings and best wishes,

  4. Dike aka Magician says:

    Where to start 😕 I’m running out out of words for that splendid and overwhelmingly creative remake of the site and all its components, especially the graphics 😀

    The whole site is such a pot of gold 😉 I wish i could do as well as you, Biondo. If i ever need some help, i’d like to contact you and book you as the main – or better: the only creative director 😛

    I hope that doesn’t sound effusively in your ears, it’s my pure earnestness 🙂 Go on like that, i’m looking forward for new flashes of your unbeaten wit.

    Best regards to you and all other *LAME* members, see you soon in game 🙂

    • Biondo says:

      Hmm… Magician?? Which Magician? pOORIARTY? wR”Naus!caa#?

      I’m astonished by your comment! Thank you! Really encouraging.

      If you want to contact me, if I can help, here I am 😉

      Thanks again!

      • Dike aka Magician says:

        can i vote 2 times for excellent 😛

        magician from [*~<|X0P], the other clan besides wR'' in your 'allied' section 🙂
        as i have many synonyms, all those u mentioned are correct 😉
        some day i will publish a dictionary like book about my alter egos and donate it to you and doppel xD

        if i ever find the courage to continue my long poem, i will need a good illustrator, which – i guess – unfortunately won't be me 😛 but that's future talk, i will approximately end it in years …

        bb 😀

  5. Biondo says:

    Thank you very much Bart!! Well, I’m not so jealous about my modest “artwork”… consider it as Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (

  6. Bart says:

    Wow, nice work. Maybe write the IP’s to it.

  7. @spi says:

    lol …. cool 😀

    regards markus

  8. Biondo, really… WOW!!! Thanks for the credits! This is truly nice work. I hope you’ll get more info on “unknown territories” so that you can add it on this wonderful map. It gives a really picturesque insight to the whole thing. Respect for your work (and talent). 🙂

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