Thursday… meet your worst enemies

Hi Lames! While we are waiting for our usual Thursday’s Clan Deathmatch, you’d probably better study which Lame is your worst enemy.

[Click on image for full size].

On BallerBude stats, inside your player record, you have a tab with “Your worst enemies”; these are the 13 players that killed you more since you registered in Baller. For each of us I kept note of every Lame listed among the enemies. Arrows direction goes from your enemies to you.
Not really sure how this should be interpreted. Of course players that registered in Baller only recently — as Wiskey — can’t be enemies of many others. There is also a relationship with which players you meet more frequently… But why Mope has only 2 enemies and some others have 5 of them? Anyway, watch your back! You never know who your friends are.

[Made with: GraphViz, The Gimp, Inkscape].

Let’s meet tonight in TerraNova and Nargajunas. I propose you to change our traditional hours and always start 1/2 hour later (as last week), that means 21:00 (Finland and Israel, 22:00).
Also I’m not sure I can be with you tonight.

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11 Responses to “Thursday… meet your worst enemies”

  1. ZaPaTa says:

    Don’t worry Wiskey! as long as it’s fun…for, remember, it’s still a game.

  2. Wiskey says:

    I was the first third, but when the connection is disconnected, I lose even for bot.

  3. Mope says:

    We played 2 games: 1st by Wiskey, Zapata and me, and at the second Jippi has joined us.

    I’ve got the screen of the first, the second round Jippi has won, of course, but I’ve forgot to take a screen :(.


    I don’t think we’ll add this to overall score, because few clan members have participated. I think, that further we must announce the match smth like 2 days in advance, so if people can’t make it, we could rearrange the time.

  4. Biondo says:

    Did you play? Where are the scores?
    I told that probably I didn’t play (because of the degree of one of my nephews). Sorry.

  5. ZaPaTa says:

    I will be there but I can’t make it that late as last time…Nice to see Biondo pict the Good one for his pic. funny 🙂

    • Biondo says:

      Zapa, I had to choose the Good for me … Biondo is the name of Clint Eastwood in “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” (Italian version). 😛 I think he is named Blondie in English version. For you I chose Marlon Brando in “Viva Zapata!”
      For Jesse, the real Jesse James.
      For Wiskey, the alcoholic Fuzzy Q. Jones (aka Al St. John,
      For Rems, the dynamite man and Gatlinger James Coburn of “Duck, You Sucker!”.
      The others are almost casual choices.

      • GREYMAN says:

        Biondo hungarian version is also included. The films were accurately translated in Hungary. It is a great western film. Biondo hungarian report: SZÖSZI 😀

  6. GREYMAN says:

    I do not know whether I’ll be there. If not, go for it guys!
    Nice picture Biondo i like it really!

  7. JesseJames says:

    It’s a pity but I can’t play tonight :s because their is a great party in our city. 🙂 Play hard but fair! 🙂

    Nice picture Biondo, it’s very interesting to see who are your worst enemies 🙂

  8. SAPE says:

    I will be there.

    Update: Biondo said sometimes the real life is harder then the SG. Biondo, you all right. I won’t be there tonight. 🙁

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