Who needs lasers when we’ve got revolvers?

Zapata’s comics post and Sape’s comment about “Jonah Hex” movie have encouraged me to start this new topic here. I’m talking about the wonderful hybrid between sci fi and western. I love the both styles, so it’s wonderful to discover creations where both of my passions mix together. So I’ll give you a short list of my favorites, and I insistingly recommend you to add yours.

dark tower, Stephen King The first one is a series of books by Stephen King, called “The Dark Tower”. The protagonist, Roland, is a classic western hero, but also the last member of a knight-order of gunslingers. He’s carrying out his quest to the Dark Tower in the mystical, horrifying, magic and hostile world.


My second favorite is the Firefly, the space western television series by Joss Whedon. The story takes place in a universe of terraformed planets and moons, however, under lack of further support changed mostly to dull deserts, and the use of advanced weapons is strictly forbidden, so firearms are very popular, and used widely. This is a story of the small crew, which travels in an old transport spaceship, under command of their leader Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds. That’s will be a perfect scifi-western mix, because most stories, like train robbery, could happen in every regular Western movie. Those series are followed by sequel movie “Serenity” and comics, which I didn’t read.

trigun poster The third and the last one for today is a Trigun, also a space-western theme, a story of Vash the Stampede is a very lighthearted, expert marksman that tries to promote love and peace as he personally said in several episodes. He appears to be a very merry person that dislikes seriousness, but is actually very deep and serious as can be seen in the situations he finds himself in. He usually presents a smiling façade, which Wolfwood is prone to call a “false smile.” Beneath this smile lies a lot of pain and the burdens that Vash has chosen to carry. Also known as The Humanoid Typhoon, he is a wandering gunman with a 60 billion double dollar bounty on his head. Every town he passes through either labels him “an act of God” or “a human disaster.” Vash’s approach is to save lives using non-lethal force.

That’s it, I’ll be glad if you can add your favorite scifi-fantasy-western creations here.

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  1. Biondo says:

    Just finished watching Serenity (as Mope said “surely it’s not a western, it’s mentioned here only as a sequel of Firefly series”).

    Very nice sci-fi/action/horror movie. I recommend it, if you don’t fear the fear.
    Thanks for pointing at, Mope.

    • Mope says:

      Biondo, the Firefly series are very nice, don’t miss them. For some reason everyone here starts watching from the movie…

      • Biondo says:

        OK, I’ll do it. I see it’s in Netflix.

      • Biondo says:

        Update: to be honest after having watched 1 and half episodes of TV series I got bored enough. Maybe I’m not a TV guy, but the film deserved the stress of reading English subtitles, “Firefly” doesn’t.

      • Biondo says:
          I have to contradict myself. Also the TV series is really enjoyable, and it’s more “Western” than the film.
          When I watched the first episode I had a terrible headache, and that probably made me hypercritical.

          Nice discovery, Mope. Thanks.

      • Biondo says:

        I just finished watching “Firefly” TV series and have to say that it’s a GORRAM crazy and fun show! I suppose I’m a browncoat now. Too bad that after 14 episodes the series had been cancelled. Thanks, Mope.

  2. @spi says:

    hmmm … never heard about this movies/series/comix you blog about, but looks intrested
    i dont realy like mangas, i know they are realy popular in japan and more and more in europe
    and around the world, but i dont like this drawing style. i am a fan of classic belgo/french comix,
    or amerikan artists like corben/shelton or bagge.
    the only german subculture artists i remember is peter puck or gerhard seyfried, i dont know if some strips are translated in other languages
    or if they are known outside germany. comic kultur for the most people her is limited to mickeymous/donaldduck/asterix and lucky luke
    things for children not for adults.
    parents (like me) are confroted with pokemon or beyblade my children love that, and the roots are manga/animes but totally
    i saw some adult anime series accidentally and was facinated by the story and the tecnology, i have to say some are really good
    produced, but the most are commercial easy to consume bulk goods.

    btw. if you are a conic fan have look on wop http://worldofpadman.com
    i play this game befor i find my way to sg 😉

    i know my comment has noting to do with western,, sorry i cant resist

    cheers @spi

  3. Wiskey says:

    I have to watch that Firefly sometimes, it sounds interesting

  4. Mope says:

    Yep, Wiskey, sure, Back to the Future 3 is a perfect example of western and scifi combination, even wikipedia recommends it :).

    My previous comment refers to Serenity, surely it’s not a western, it’s mentioned here only as a sequel of Firefly series, that have more western motives. I see my mistake now – the picture I’ve placed drives attention to the movie from the series…

  5. Wiskey says:

    I do not know, Mope understood what I said at that end but then called again. So, this could also be connected to the movie Back to the Future. The film, Marty and the Professor of travelers from 1985 until 1885 which was the Wild West period of time. In that film, western and science fiction combine well, and it is my favorite part of me Back to the Future series.

  6. Mope says:

    Wiskey, I think the series have more from western, even the stories of some episodes can be recongnised as western motives.

  7. Wiskey says:

    I watched Serenity today and I can say that it is worth a look, if possible. Except that I think Serenity is more sci-fi movie, I do not remember that it had anything to western types of things. This could also be added to Back to the Future 3, in which people travel by 1885 and eventually back to 1985 and back again.

  8. Mope says:

    Sure, Greyman, I saw the Vampire Hunter D – The Bloodlust, and the prequel move too, one of my favorites… not western, but it has some western motives, however.

    Thanx all, I’d like to write another separate post about the steampunk genre and weapons as well, but not completely sure, because the steampunk style and look is influenced by Victorian, not Western. But maybe I’ll find enough resemblance…

  9. GREYMAN says:

    Good taste Mope!
    We have those comic books were not (at least 20 years ago, only Superman, Batman btw.), now maybe they are.
    The Dark Tower had the pleasure to read I really liked, Serenitiy introductory movie I saw I can only recommend. The anime movie I’ve ever seen, but as soon as I can make up. Thanks Mope looks interesting.
    Did you ever see anime D the vampire hunter movie (a real fantasy not western)? I like anime movies for me this is one of my favorites.

  10. JesseJames says:

    Lol western vs Scienefiction is genius I think. I will check it out if I have time

  11. Biondo says:

    Thank you, Mope. All 3 suggestions seems interesting. I’ve never read or seen anyone of these books/TV-series/mangas but I’ll keep them in mind.
    BTW, I added to the blog a category for Books and Comics, that was missing.

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