Looking at my BallerBude stats, I’ve just discovered a new weapon. It’s named “18”!

(Click on image for full size).

Look at the last row … as you can see, I used it only one time, and just to kill myself  🙂

The total number of suicides committed by way of “18” by different players, is 2050. I suppose there are better ways to die!

Another strange thing is that “Teamswitch Suicide Penalty”. What is it in a pure DM server?

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WTF: Bot use gatling gun.

[ Gif animation – i hope you can see it. ]

Never seen it before, that a bot use the gatling gun.



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Thurdays give us our weekly rhythm

We have a new official master server, we have a brand new site, we have an unofficial SG 1.1 Beta5 that looks like an official SG 1.1, we have new maps and a resurgent community. What should we ask more?
A Thursday *LAME* Clan’s Deathmatch!
Thurdays give us our weekly rhythm.

[Original image].

Everyone is welcome (not only *LAME*s!) Vote for maps in comments!

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It’s time to die

I know I’am a bit late but it’s a reminder that it’s Thursday today.

Let meet each other in TN @8u30

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Have you already voted about Beta 5?

Hi guys, have you already voted about Beta 5?
The more SG developers get feedback, the quicker the 1.1 will be released!
Please vote and comment “Beta testing on 1.1 beta 5a” if you haven’t already done it.

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