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Dear Lamefriends,
coming next weeks I’m moving out to another place and I lose my current computer and internetconnection.
I hope this will be about two weeks I won’t play SG, but it might be longer, depending om how long it takes to build my new comp.
So, unfortunately I also won’t take part in this weeks clanmatch. Sounds like bad news, but these are just temporary probs.
I come back! with a larger monitor and more power in my new computer! Hooray!
In the meantime, I hope you will post all important updates on the site here.


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Exceptional discovery from clan’s historical archives!

Exceptional discovery from clan’s historical archives! A propaganda leaflet dating back to the true origins of *LAME* Clan, when the founding brothers were recruiting.

[Inspiration: The Ephemera Society of America]

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Interview online!

I talked about it a time ago, but finally managed to post here. The first interview with a LAME’er is online.
You’ll find the interview with Mope in your menu under About us -> Members.
Hope you’ll like it and I hope some of you will follow the example and add more of them 🙂


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Smokin’ what??

Smokin’ Guns!

[Inspiration: Belgian (thanks for having reminded it to me, Jesse) painter René Magritte’s Ceci n’est pas une pipe.]

Ready for another Smokin’ Thursday?
Post here you map proposals.
If you agree same servers (Terra Nova and possibly Nargajunas) and same hour (21:00).

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Condump it!

I realized yesterday that not everybody knows of the “condump” command.

This SG console command dumps the contents of the console (dialogues, kills, players’ names, and whatelse) to a text file in your base SG directory.
As a mandatory parameter it requires a filename: “condump interesting-dialog-with-mope.txt” saves console content to a file named interesting-dialog-with-mope.txt.

What it is useful for:

  • If you are completely immersed in the frenzy of the game and think you’ve missed a possibly interesting dialogue, a condump lets you read it at a later time
  • If you recorded a demo of a suspect cheater (probably in a different server from BallerBude), a condump could help admins to better identify the culprit

That’s all.

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